Friday 30th November 2012


Todays lyrics:Written in graffiti on a bridge in a park

Happy St Andrews Day to any fellow Scots on here.image

Cold and frosty one again, brrrrr.

5M Fartlek done and I'm just thawing out

Wabo: Yeah I did like the video of Addicted to Love

Paddy: Good to have you back mate.

Back later.


  • Warm and wet in Dubai, chucking it down complete with thunder and lightening, my garden is flooded! 

    What: 5 mile race in 32-51 d & d, 12th overall but only 3rd M50, go figure.
    Why: Its Friday I race on Fridays
    Last Hard: That was, though running in the rain was fun!
    last rest: Thursday. 

    Lyrics: not a clue.


  • Morning! Happy St. Andrew's Day!

    Yesterday's lyrics were Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders.

    Today's lyrics: no

    What: a walk, stretches, exercise bike

    Enjoy your day.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Morning. Happy St Andrew's Day.

    Should have got yesterday's lyrics - and probably today's.

    OH - there's light at the end of the tunnel that may not be an approaching train then?

    Straycelt - I expect Mrs SC is happy that it's the 30th?

    Some fast old guys out there DD. It's forecast to feel like -3C when I run on Sunday - contemplating wearing something warm under my club vest!

    What:                     short easy run
    Why:                      taper/lack of time
    Last hard:              17/11
    Last rest:                23/11

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning!

    What: rest but no holiday here ;-(

    Lyrics: no
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    should've known yesterdays lyric, never really quite 'got' the Pretenders though..todays not sure either. Great memories of early gigs...I was perhaps 2-3 years too young to go to some of the punk ones, but as Blisters mentions the Ants' double drummers were incredible. Some of the raw energy I found (and still find) more entertaining than the polished production/marketing of today's wannabe x-factorites.
    I tell the kids that when we went to see JLS it was the first gig (!) i've been to with no instruments on stage (and no mosh pit).

    training wise 6 solid miles yesterday in just under 43, today 2-3 easy
    why - xc tomorrow
    DD - well raced !!

    have a lovely weekend

  • Morning

    What 5km, Hyde Park
    Why Its the last friday in the month
    Lyrics no, but will i kick myself

    Today will be interesting

  • Morning all,

    Went out last night but was sensible and stayed with the slowest runners, managed 9.5 miles with no complaints so think I was just being over cautious.

    Rest day today.

    No for the lyrics... Again image

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Oooh, forgot my other news... Missus has got tickets for us to see Robbie Williams at wembley next summer, never been to anything like that before! image
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Lyrics - no, despite having googled them. I'm not particularly keen on this band.

    Gigs - the last live band I saw was the Levellers a couple of weeks ago. I've seen them several times over the years and they've never been less than brilliant. You really can't beat the buzz of a good gig!

    Running - not yet been out today and I have no discomfort at all at the moment. My guess is that I'll manage about 15-20 minutes easy before it starts to become uncomfortable....I think(?) things are moving the right direction.

    Back later
  • God morning, good morning, good morning. Happy St Andrew's Day from the Scotsman in Wales and happy Movember shave off day to all Mo Bros and Mo Sisters out there. LMH, OH was ecstatic to see it go!
    Lyrics: No but will kickself later
    What: Gentle plod
    Why: Because I need one
    Last Hard: Tuesday's Fartlek
    Last Rest: Yesterday: Spent all day in hospital having battery of tests so no chance of exercise image Fortunately all clear and heart good to go so will be back in full swing soon
    DD good running...let me know your secret!

  • Indeed Happy St Andrews Day (but no holiday here)

    Not going for Decembeard then Straycelt image
    Elspeth has stated she will leave me if I ever shave my beard off again
    (last time was 1982!)

  • Happy St. Andrew's Day image

    And Happy belated birthday, NZC imageimage

    Paddy: good to see you pop in again.

    Terrible day at work yesterday but today it has calmed down again. Phew. It's the office xmas party. Very much looking forward to that. Knee is loads better. If I'm not too hungover tomorrow, I will run. Bring it on image

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Back to report on Athletic endeavours! Managed 3.4M of concentric circles. Didn't have any significant discomfort until just before I stopped (cause and effect). Didn't realise how far I'd managed until checked mymap. I've got to be pretty happy about that...this time last week I walk back off my run thinking that I was facing an inactive three months. Hopefully that scare will have knocked a bit of sense into my head.

    Got to share this....extract from marketing info on the SKINS compression base layer vest "SKINS A200 Thermal Long Sleeve Mock Top uses a unique Body Mass Index anthropometrical algorithm to take into account the wearer's chest size to guarantee a good fit"....thought I might cut the sleeve off and wrap it round my hamstring, or would that invalidate the algorithm?
  • Brilliant one Tom, an algorithmic undergarment.
    Lyrics no
    Brass Monkeys yes.
    Huge job list, must get on or she'll moan at me.

  • OH the two tone moustache in ginger and white not matching the barnet was bad enough (As LMH can verify) without stretching to a multi-coloured beard!! Done it before and it was not a good lookimage
    Chickadeee, be careful at that office party and we want a full reportimage

  • Just wondering if I'm being time efficient planning to jump on the treadie at the gym on the way home for my 30 minute run - or just a wuss?

    Good progress Tom.

    Not at work today then Blisters?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • If you don't jump on the treadie and then cba kicks in at home, then you are a wussimage

  • Straycelt wrote (see)

    Chickadeee, be careful at that office party and we want a full reportimage

    not sure I will be able to remember image

  • or want to remember/ be reminded ?imageimage

  • Let me get this straight. I'm only working if I'm sat in an office all day playing with spreadsheets or compiling a load of mail merge bollocks or being bored in some meeting about a new business idea that's got the wings of a brick? I did wonder about how so many people managed a sneaky contribution onto RW during daylight hours.

    I've been sat on the phone trying to resolve diary crises for a team of people so we can get paid by doing fee earning business that's good for both parties. A bit of planning to prevent disasters later. Her indoors thinks I'm playing, and at the moment, I am. See you at midnight, when I've done another hour before bed.

  • No offence meant Blisters - I often work from home - but am not expected to be doing jobs around the house whilst doing so - though of course being female I do occasionally choose to multi task image

    Staycelt - CNBA never really an issue but fitting it in was however as I left university and stepped into teh cold and fog the gym suddenly seemed preferable to the great outdoors and all the extra time that would take - which is not often the case with me, I'd usually rather be out when running. Anyway, 30 minutes progressive snuck in between working at work and working at home!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Swim, Swim, Swim. 3.6k of it!!!

    Wish I could run. Visit to the fella postponed.

    Talk to you all later

    2 People entered for my race so far!!



  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    been a tad manic here, but getting over it....

    Normal madness resumes tomorrow as doing parkrun and a XC.....

    5m yesterday, progressive, today rest.

    Take care

    PS no to the lyrics again...

  • Evening

    Blisters - I work nights

    2 laps course at Last Friday  it seems uphill for majority of lap and steeper on the 2nd lap image had a steady paced race i think good start even if a bit congested 5:07. Narrow path on 2nd km kinda got boxed as runner behind went ahead and joined the runner just ahead initially this was ok i could stay behind and have a comfy ride but it was too comfy a gap appeared and i shot through.2nd km in 5:10 onto the 2nd lap feeling it can i do another lap hill is steeper like i said 3rd km coming up forgot to press lap carry on for a mile in 8:18.

    Decide to check my lap at 4km 2:02 for the 400m or so well just under. Onto the last km A few ahead of me a couple pass me but too big a gap now to make sure the ones i sense behind me stay there. I hear breathing but i don't look. Stay relaxed arms at side swing said arms see finish line in distance but its always longer than it looks keep going no one overtakes Finish in 25:31 last km in 4:56.

    Am i pleased you betcha. considering what little running i've done and how tired i was feeling.

    One of the Chasers speaks to me after thanks me for pulling me along that was nice so was asking me what my splits were.


  • Well done Pammie! I found the two lap course much tougher: I found it all uphill too!

    Walked about a mile this morning, but foot wasn't playing ball: suspect there is a reaction to Phys yesterday. So, no exercise bike and less stretching than planned.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Sorry for chomping earlier.
    I do like to sneak a bit of a 20 miler in on WFH days, but it was never going to happen today. I did manage to run for almost 2 miles: dressed in normal civvies, (jeans, jumper, coat) I had to nip out to the Post office and local shops, but the car was in for service, and my toy (MG) decided to have a flat battery. I only ran because I found that I was wearing trainers!

    Tomorrow's bike ride is cancelled due to freezing fog, never mind the flooded road closures. I think I might wrap up well and go for a run, so long as I'm back by 11.

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