Turbo Training Questions

I've decided to set myself up with a turbo trainer to try and avoid training drop-off through the winter. I was planning on setting it up with my hybrid, and I have a few questions:

i. is it a problem using more of a sit-up and beg style hybrid, rather than a road bike?

ii. can you get turbo-trainng tyres for a hybrid wheel (700 x 35), or do I really need to worry about this?



  • i) I would say that bike time is bike time, certainly over winter.

    ii) you could get a road bike turbo tyre if you wanted the 700 is the size, the 35 isbthe width. There shouldn't be a problem using it with a 35 unless its semi knobbly. If you're concerned just get the cheapest road tyre you can and use that
  • oh, and be ready to replace it in the spring.


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