John Austin Half Marathon 2013, Brockenhurst

Fancy doing this one as I enjoy trails and have friends in Brockenhurst so fairly familiar with the area. Anyone out there with any opinions on the race?

Also, does anyone know where I can get access to the course/route map . . . the link on the event's webpage doesn't seem to be working?



  • Its a cracking race strangely - you'll love it

    not really a pb course as there are some boggy sections around mile 7/8 that can slow you up, and there is an annoying rail bridge with steps right at the finish which is awkward but the rest of the course is a real stunner

    easily one of my favourite races

  • Thanks, M.r Z . . . . sounds good.  I'm quite used to Half Marathons with no PB potential (my 3 local halves are The Surrey Badger, Leith Hill Half and The Midsummer Munroimage). Love running off road as a pleasant (no pressure) change from road races, and I know that some of the trails around Brockenhurst are stunning.

    Curious to see the route though . . . Any idea where I can get a route map from?

    Thanks again.


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