Scar Tissue or Stress Fracture?

New to this forum but after lots of reading thought I’d join in.


Been running seriously for about 9 months now and about 3 weeks ago started developing a pain on the inside of my left tibia. This got worse the more I ran so stopped and went to see my physio. She referred me to my dr who has recomended an X Ray. But, being the NHS god knows when that will happen.

My question is that my physio doesn’t think it is a stress fracture and my dr is unconvinced as well but every symtom I read on here and on the net corresponds to it. It hurts if I hop on it, it is painful in a very localised area and aches constantly. I have had shin splints but this is different, very localised. My physio says she can feel some scar tissue on the area where I have acute pain when pressed and I also feel a bump of soft tissue at the edge of the bone exactly where it hurts. the pain is so localised that if i move half an ich off it, there is zero pain but on this bump on the bone is extremly bad.

Has anyone experienced this before? Have stopped running but will start swimming because I have put a lot of effort into getting fit and losing 2 stone and am worried that with the holiday season coming up I will just undo all my good. But I hate swimming, its so boring!


  • I got exactly the same pain, so painful I had to stop all running, i didn't bother with doctors though, i gave myself a month off and it worked for me.

    I suggest you change running shoes and ask for advice about the best shoes for your running style, also consider some insoles with extra cushioning, but new better shoes will work.

    Another thing that worked for me was to stop heel strike

  • Thanks, dhoes are not too old but worth going back to the shop and getting some advice

  • I'm not surprised you're concerned, with the lump, point pain on the bone, pain on hopping etc. Any chance (anatomically I mean) it's a muscle insertion point?

    Why the delay in getting a simple xray? At least the delay means that there's more chance of any bony change becoming visible on x-ray (my metatarsal stress fracture in 2011 wasn't visible on x-ray taken two days after it happened).

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