UTMB on Channel4 Sunday 2nd @ 7:35am

Something for the weekend ?

Sun 2 Dec
7:35am - 8:05am
Channel 4

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

About this programme

Action from the 104-mile mountain race in Chamonix, France, which toured Europe's highest mountain and had been won by Great Britain's Lizzy Hawker on four occasions.


  • not according to their online TV listings. image

    where did you see this?

  • 8:35am on Channel 4+1 ....... I like a bit of a lie inimage

    Cheers for the heads up DD

  • Ohhhh! a.m. image doh! stupid me image

  • Cheers Dougie, I think if it's the one I'm thinking of its a repeat of last years race, still worth a look though
  • Oooo thanks for that !
  • Is this available on 4 on demand? Got up too late and can't find it! If so does anyone know the exact programme name so I can search it!
  • It will be repeated on Wednesday in the wee small hours (3.30am)

    According to the info on channel4's page it is "Coming to ondemand soon", seems to come under the Triathlon section image




  • Thanks Dougie.
  • If you have Sky+ then stick it on a series link. I did this for the Outlaw Triathlon earlier this year (as I was in it) and it has linked to all sorts of odd stuff. Multi-day adventure racing, silly rat race style events, and now UTMB.All early Sunday morning

    I don't watch all of them, last one was Cardiff half-marathon but some are intresting.


  • I was disapppointed i must say, it was hardly any action apart from a few shots which kept being repeated, and mostly interviews with Jez and Lizzie and Sebastien. (which is all very well but i would have liked the program to follow the race a bit) image

  • I've just started watching this - I guess its a bit of a bugger to cover with cameras isnt it ?  But 100+ miles round the Alps ? Brutal !


    As Me..face says - I've got it Sky+ series linked. 

  • well eurosport managed it before (think it was 2011), they did an hour program which was very good, this one just didnt do it for me!

    Its 100 km not miles, but of course that doesnt make it any less impressive! image

    It's hard enough walking  through the alps let alone running!

  • MM its normally around 105 miles, it was only shortened this year, as it has been in the past couple of years, because of severe weather systems battering the area.

    As for the coverage I didn't find it anything special, as others have said its been done before so why not again. Last year there was at least two camera helicopters buzzing around us on the course and that footage went into the race DVD so it's a little surprising a programme made for TNF didn't seem to have any.

    If anyone wants last years race DVD to have a look at the race properly I'm sure I can make a copy or two
  • i stand corrected on the distance then! image

    thats what i thought about the helicopters too.

    the eurosport video is here, image unfortunately there are adverts image I dont know if it would be the same as the dvd but its still quite a good video


  • I was a bit disappointed - not much footage, interviews with three people and a lack of narrative as the race progressed.

    Saying which, it was better than no show about the UTMB, so I'm not complaining too much...

  • I wonder if the lack of good coverage (helicopters, etc) was at least partly due to the crap weather ?

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