It's almost Christmas!



  • The last weekend before x-mas, like every year.  I too am a "non-believer" but Christmas has evolved as a festival and is all-inclusive as far as i'm concerned.  The church stole it from Pagans and then the rest of us joined in the fun.

  • exactly.

    we have the best christmas tree in all of Glasgow image

  • Rickster wrote (see)

    As I am a non-believer, it would be hypocritical of me to celebrate this religious festival, so I don't. Bah Humbug to the lot of ya! image

    Yebbut a yule tree is like a totally heathen thing!

  • image

  • Brilliant the dude abides. More of a eek eek eek image

  • We haven't got our tree yet. If we don't get one very soon, apparently I'm going to be short of a couple of baubles by Monday....

  • LOL image

    So far, Mr Higgs has stolen, in this order:  four chocolate coins, two small baubles, one large parcel-type decoration and one round shiny bauble to 'kill later' image! Not bad puss, but you aint supposed to eat chocolate!!! All deccies now moved up to the higher branches!!!

    Happy Christmas everyone image, let the Pig-Out Fest begin image!!! 

  • /members/images/62466/gallery/IMGP5198.JPG

    image 'I'll pretend everything is cool. They won't notice the few baubles I've managed to kick under the sofa!'

    ....and those are not the ones we have to pick up everyday from all over the room and put back on the tree! We'll be lucky if there's anything else left on the tree by Christmas!

  • santa's in cairo! image

    track santa


  • its my sons birthday on 22nd Dec, so we put ours up on the traditional Xmas eve.

  • He's in Kinshasha now image

    What's the traditional Xmas eve, wasn't it today???

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