Running Tights

I've never had a pair of running tights before so am not sure what i'm looking for exactly. Of the products i've found they all seem to cater for those with an inside leg of 34" max.

Does anyone know where i could possibly purchase some that are longer in length (around 36-37"?)



  • Hiya Im pretty tall (around 6''3) and I got some of these nike ones for my birthday,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-551491/pgid-646609

    after the two runs i have done so far they seem amazing, best ones ive ever had and better than last years from Gore Running.

    hope this helps!

  • Thanks for that, i'll take a look!
  • If you get any success can you post up again please? I need 36" inside leg. The Nike site linked to suggests I'll only get a longer leg if I'm very fat too (why is that? can't you be tall and NOT fat?)

  • me too, always ran in shorts or in winter some jogging bottoms but they get too heavy. SportsDirect were selling some karrimore tights and though same size one pair fit a little looser and feel much better when running so my advice is to avoid short leg tights as they will pull over your knees and add resistance to your stride, needing constant pulling up to relieve the stress!

  • I ordered the karrimor tights from sports direct which came through today. I've not run in them yet so can't report on that yet but in terms of leg length they fit fine! They're not too tight so shouldn't restrict much when running. I did get size XXL but i do have a 38-40 inch waist and these fit fine there too! They do have a drawstring waist so if you have to get a bigger size you can always tie this up. I was looking for a cheap pair and these were only ??10.99 + ??3.99 delivery. Once i've gone for a run in them i'll let you know how they are.
  • Ok so i went for a run this morning in my new tights and the verdict is.....very good! They kept my legs warm but didn't overheat them (which normally happens when i wear anything longer than shorts!) they didn't ride up my legs and didn't feel too restrictive so i would recommend them if you're looking for a cheap pair as these do the job well.
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