Best replacement for garmin 305

My trusty Forerunner 305 is starting to pack up. The strap has gone and when plugged in it makes my computer crash. It's time for a replacement, 305 is great although I have never used heart rate monitor (although I would probably want a model with one). It needs to be able to show bike stats as well as I use it for biking and of course gps navigated. 305 is realy bulky and I need to wear it with a sweatband so something smaller would be perfect. It does not need to beep every mile image but it should have the ability to programme interval training on it. I do not swim so it does not need have triathlon features. Which watch would you recommend as I am totally confused.


  • I would look at the 310xt. packed with loads of features and will do bike and run

  • Thought of that but it is expensive. It's really good for triathletes, I don't need that many features on it or full waterproofness, just something to record the pace and number of miles on gps as well as multisport and smaller than 305 and 310 is bulky too.

  • If you have a android or iPhone get yourself an app. I use 2 runkeeper and iSmooth with a strap to fix the phone to my arm. Works well, just need a HRM next!
  • I would suggest the Garmin 410. It's not as bulky or expensive as the 310 or 305. (£148 from Amazon).


  • Another 305? at least until someone comes along with vastly improved battery life

  • Contact Garmin support and get a refurbed 305 for ??51.
  • Old Colin, 410 is a good suggestion, there are also 110 and 210 and 610. Not sure what they all differ in, that's why I am asking. 410 does it do bike as well and interval training?

  • 410 certainly does interval training.

    I used my 405 on a bike for ages. The only problem is battery life. It will just about do a  5 hour club run, but on a holiday with 8 hour days I got a bit nervous.

  • The problems you mention with your Garmin doesn't mean it's about to pack up.

    A new strap can be bought for as little as £2 or £3 pounds and the computer crash is nothing to do with your 305 on it's last legs. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software and check you have the latest firmware.

    I've got through several straps and I also had frequent computer crashes untill I reinstalled the software. That was 6 months ago and it's been perfect ever since.

  • I have just gone from the 305 to the 410. The screen isn't as big and you can only get 3 fields up but you can have 3 different ones set up so you can scroll through them if you really need to. It is nice that it's not as bulky to wear.

    One advantage is that the heart rate monitor for the 305 works on the 410.

    I don't find it as easy as the 305 as the bezel takes some getting used to but once you are used to it it is ok and you can lock it. I think it is good value.

  • JJC, the penny pincher in me is saying the same, it's probably more to do with usb cable but the other half wants a new watchimage  The watch itself works really well. I shall do what you suggest and see whether it will make any difference. Do you think that ordinary watch repair place would be able to fix the strap on this watch, I thought you had to buy it from garmin .


    Flo Po, thanks for info. Did not realise on 410 you can only have 3 fields, Hmm, I have average lap pace, time of day, length of run/bike and distnace. Would be hard to give up on one of those. Any reviews are good as not sure what difference is between 210, 110 and 410 and 610 and it must be some as 610 is the most expensive and 110 the least I think.

  • You can set up 3 screens and by tapping the bezel you can actually have 9 things displayed if you were desperate. The screen is quite small more like the size of the normal watch but you could have 2 per screen( easy to see) then switch so 6 in total.

    I think the only difference with 610 was 4 screens but I couldn't justify the extra cost for that one.


  • 110 is very basic, no current pace, no programmed training. Just press start & run

    210 similar, gets current pace, and supports foot pod.

    Both are button paced, not bezel based. No wireless upload, USB based.

    405cx, 410 both very similar, do all you need. wireless upload.

    I've done a 35 mile ultra of 7.5 hours so battery life fine too.

    405cx always comes with a hr strap, and can be had for 125 quid often.

    410 can be bought without & with.

    You've got 3 screens that you can flick between, 3 fields in each. Plenty enough. virtual partner actually is a 4th screen if used.

    610 is touch screen based. Does everything.

    But strangely is missing "course" feature that I've used during some long races for navigation. Not sure why.

    Maybe see if a pal has a 405cx or 410 and get them to demo it, try using the bezel. It's easy to use once you get the hang of it.

    Look here at dcrainmaker for reviews
  • I went from 205 to 410, about 6 Months ago, I love my 410.

  • Im with Old Colin and Russ. I went from a 301 (!!!!!!) to a 410 and have never looked back... its briliant.


  • People do moan about the bezel on the Forerunner 410 but that is what I am wearing right now for my day-to-day watch and it covers off pretty much everything a GPS watch should. I have personally never had a problem and agree with Voley and Russ55 - I love it.

    Because it is slightly older now but a lot newer than the 305 it is also available at a great price. We don't sell it at Lanson but not because the 410 isn't great - just that the range is too big to stock everything now.

    Note that I also agree that the Forerunner 10, 110 and 210 have too little compared to the 305 - it might be too much of a shock to switch it on and realise how little they do compared to what you were used to.

    FYI We have re-priced all Garmin for Christmas and the Forerunner 10 is on special today if anyone is interested:

  • I got mine, two months ago or so, at £125 on Amazon... it was on special though. Re the bezel, I just lock mine, and its fine.


  • I have the 410 and think its great a really good watch. Got it 6 months ago for £150 on Amazon with HR monitor. Once your used to the bezel its fine. I too lock it when out training as I dont find the need to switch screens.

  • Thank you all for opinions, especially Fit-Running-Cat for in depth analysis. I now know which to get potentially which is 410. I looked at 110 and it looked simple, did not know it was that simple that did not show current pace. Will have a look at offered on 410, it seems like a good watch. Thanks everyone.

  • I'm also tempted to get a 410 (or put it on my Christmas list!) based on the reviews and recommendations. 210 looks good too, but seems more expensive despite being an earlier model. But can anyone who has one give an opinion on whether it would fit tightly enough on a woman with a tiny wrist?

  • I have a tiny wrist also and wore a forerunner 305 on a sweatband, it worked a treat.

  • Glad the info helped acdc girl. Can't go wrong with a 410 (or a 405cx depending on price diff & offers for Xmas, other slight difference, 410 comes with the newer hr comfort strap).

    Literatin, 210 is a current model, not an old one. Quite a few women at club with a 110 or 210, both are same size... But short some features you might want later on.

    It does the basics & main things very well though.

    The 4xx models look fine on female wrists too - but you do get a fabric replacement strap with the 405cx (and 410 I think) in the box. Makes it less bulky on some wrists.

    The wireless syncing (so no scramble to find a cable) is a big plus to me. Watch doesn't even have to be in the same room, and still syncs sometimes,
  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭
    acdcgirl wrote (see)

    JJC, the penny pincher in me is saying the same, it's probably more to do with usb cable but the other half wants a new watchimage  The watch itself works really well. I shall do what you suggest and see whether it will make any difference. Do you think that ordinary watch repair place would be able to fix the strap on this watch, I thought you had to buy it from garmin .


    You can easily fit a new strap yourself, they dispatch the tool with the new strap.

    Staps available on Amazon.image

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