Sunday 2nd December 2012

Late start!

Lyrics: When I find myself in times of trouble

Yesterday's lyrics were "The Clapping Song", Shirley Ellis.

What: a couple of hours drive
Why: tell my mother of my latest woes!

Race well, LMH and 7D (and anyone else racing)

Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Morning.

    Chilly start to the day - ice on the fish pond. At least it's fairly still.

    What:                       NVH 10 mile race.
    Why:                        seemed like a good idea when I entered
    Last hard:                17/11
    Last rest:                   1/12

    Lyrics - yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    LMH best of luck and anyone else racing

    Alehouse safe driving

    What: Cup of tea/Work + cycle to and from
    Why: Christmas is coming
    Last Hard: Walking down Regents Street
    Lyris: Not today  but have only got up

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Lyrics - naturally

    LMH - best of luck, conditions out here were crisp and promising, though a bit frosty underfoot.

    4.8M for me this morning with just the normal minor (though hardly even that) discomfort before stopping when it tightened. Current runs aren't to time or distance but simply to perceived levels of hamstring discomfort, so was pleasantly surprised to end up so close to 5M. No complaints there then!

    Best of luck to all the racers today.
  • Morning and goog luck to all racers and god speed recovery all sick/il/injured
    Lyrics: Absolutely
    What: Cheeky little 8 mile out and back along the river path
    Why: Because I could
    last Hard: 28/11
    Last Rest: Yesterday. Students grading and a half-decent rugby match to watch in Cardiffimage

  • good luck racers!

    Just put my Christmas decorations up. Happy First Advent all image

    Total writeoff yesterday .... came home at 5:30 after our Christmas Party from work. Boy, did I have fun. But I paid for it and felt really rubbish all day yesterday. Danced my socks off and my knee hurt badly but after some icing and not doing anything at all yesterday it seems fine again. Ran for the first time since the fall and managed 6 miles with no pain. Phew.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Straycelt - the river that the Taff Trail?

    Santa Baby - back home at 5:30....I can't believe you had your party in the afternoon image
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all

    Lyrics yes - one of my favorites

    What - 7.25m easy
    Why - Recovery
    Last Hard - Yesterday
    Last rest - Fri

    Take care

  • Afternoon all.

    What: Long lie and rest after two hard weeks at work and not much sleep.

    Last: Yesterday 10k moderate.

    Next: Tomorrow 4 miles easy and maybe a swim.
  • Lyrics? Yes. For a change. But then again I did sing them as part of a voluntary choir in front of hundreds of people
    Santa Baby? That's another amusingly topical song designed to be an ear worm.

    One church service done, one more to go, then training is swimbling at 6pm. LMH reported frost on her pond. Does that mean she needs a winter grade wetsuit? Happy racing, and of course, sympathies to Pammie for having to endure Regents Street.

  • What: 1st XC since school
    Why: Nice day and missed kayaking
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: Friday
    Lyrics: easy yes


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.  Sorry I've been awol for a few days very busy at work on a course.

    What: Well, I attempted to do a 5km race, but couldn't find the start so ended up doing a very snow 3 miles in the forest at home!  The Wildschwein had snow in their fur and looked really funny
    Why: see above
    Last hard: accepting that I can't seem to find anything in Germany!
    Lyrics: yes, like this song a lot.

    Autobahn covered in snow this morning, a little terrifying to drive on!  Hoping it's not like this for the next 3 months or I'll need to spend a lot on winter running gear...

    LMH how did the race go?
    Chick  wow, good party then?!
    Ale  how's the achillies feeling then?  Was the driving ok for it?

    Have a good one all.

  • A long over due lie in this morning and a slow 4 miles with my missus, after a hectic day at work yesterday.

    Nope to the lyrics again image
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    chicka - nice party, hope the head's better now!
    OH - hope u enjoyed xc
    LmH - well.....?

    what - low key local xc (part of a series run by nearby club)
    why - leg stretcher after yesterdays hampshire league
    last rest - friday
    last hard - back to back xc races.

    Did OK yesterday, marshalled for all the junior races (youngest 2nd scorer for our U13 girls), then had to thaw out feet in order to run 10k...didn't do too badly in the circumstances...managed to keep RFJ in sight all the way round!!  10k in 43.13
    Today - shorter course, about 5 miles in about 37.50 (did 37.3x last time) legs suffered on lap 2 but hang on for reasonable finish..

    not sure of the words today..

    oh and bah humbug, decorations go up in a couple of weeks don't they??? (if at all)

  • The outside decs have been up all weekend Dustin! Loads more to sort out inside, but the tree won't happen for another couple of weeks.

  • If at all Dustin.

    More good news Tom.

    Glad you're able to run again chickadeee.

    Winter weight wetsuit or not it needs to be a lot warmer than this for me to swim OW Blisters.

    Race or training run OH?

    Sounds as though you made the best of it emzap.

    Well that was rubbish, from the organisation, to the course, to my running. I ran the half marathon at a faster average pace. It just wasn't there today, HR did the weird thing it has taken to doing on occasion lately and recorded a new MHR in the first mile - and it's not a HRM malfunction - then I just got slower. Legs felt like lead after about five miles, couldn't maintain (normal) HR after that, had a couple of over 8 min miles then picked up again and despite still being slow and feeling as though I were going backward kept catching and overtaking people in the last couple of miles. Finished with a new PB but only because it was years old.

    So - bad day at the office; residual tiredness from two weeks ago; too long on my feet with not enough food yesterday? Who knows. How to go forward? An hour on the turbo tomorrow and see what happens or take a rest day and hope to feel fresh to get back to it on Tuesday?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Wow...varied reports but eventful day! Tom, no, Welsh English bordr Peregrine Path along the Wye.
    Must dash. Son to train station back to uni...we have no trains on these parts so 40+mile round trip

  • LMH - just put it down as an effort run. Good for getting out there.

    RFJ and Dustin - still racing well - good on you.

    Lyrics - yes.

    What: Rest.

    Why: Neck still out, and did a long run on Saturday. Feeling tired.

  • LMH, are you sure that it's not a HR glitch? I always used to get them in the first mile of the Midlands/National road race relays. No way my Hr was anything like 230. It was always a cold day, no contact, and probably some static build up giving false signals until I got sweaty.

    Straycelt, that sounds like great location for a run. I'm not too far away.

    Swim today. Coach has started to beast everyone out of their comfort zone, by insisting on alternate breathing.

  • LMH race

  • doing Lliswerry in january?

  • No, I'm doing Gloucester marathon. Jan 20th. It's a vendetta. Last time I did it I had to start putting in walking breaks from mile 11. That's a flipping long way from the end. A couple of years prior to that I had a top 10 finish. This time the target is to be part way between those experiences, to run all the way yet still beat the walking race time. We'll see. I have the endurance to run it all, but not the solid 12 to 24 month base to make it quick. I'll also ignore the speed interval or pace/endurance training.

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