I was just wondering what a good combination of vitamins people would recommend to keep healthy. At the minute I take Calcium - 600mg Glucosamine sulphate - 1000mg Vitamin C - 1000mg Cod liver oil - 1000mg Acai berry - 1500mg I don't know if this is too many or if I should take more?


  • Why don't you just eat properly instead?
  • I do. I eat a healthy balanced diet, however vitamins help to repair your body after long jogs, which is why I asked the question on a running forum?
  • Rubbish. Eat properly and you don't need vitamin supplements.
  • Ok thank you image
  • If you eat a healthy balanced diet you should get your recommended 40mg vitamin C a day. You are adding an unnecessary 1000mg on top of that. Too much vitamin C can be harmful, to say nothing of the fact that you pee out any extra as the body can't store it.
  • Vitamin supplements, when added to a healthy diet, do nothing more than produce expensive urine.
  • Horizon - The Truth About Vitamins

    "At best you will produce expensive urine, at worst they may cause damage" (paraphrased from the program).

    I tell you what I find works; Beetroot juice for endurance; I take about 3/4 pint before a race.  Try it.  There's some scientific evidence to back this up (google), but Wor Lass and I swear by it.

    Also Cherry juice; it's full of anti-oxydents (or something), but it's great for a post recovery drink after a long run.  I'm sure I suffer less with DOMs after drinking it.  There is also some scientific evidence for it, but again, anecdotally I'm sure it works.

    And if it doesn't seem to work for you, all you've lost is a couple of quid to Tescos.

    I'm also going to try using some fresh ginger in homemade drinks; ginger has some natural anti inflamtory stuff in it, so may also help with post recovery muscle soreness.  

  • No harm in taking a basic multivitamins and minerals supplement. Just to fill in for anything that might be getting left out of your diet. I use a cheap ASDA own brand one. Anything else is probably unnecessary if you are eating a healthy balanced diet. 



  • You should also be careful about taking calcium suppliments if you are already getting enough in your diet.  I was advised to take them as I have broken bones a lot, but on reading up about it I decided it could cause more health problems to take them than making the small effort to get the extra calcium I needed through my diet.  Also glucosamine isn't really proven to be effective so you're probably wasting your money there.  If you have joint issues then take a fish oil suppliment rather than a cod liver oil one as it will be more effective (as told to my OH by the rheumatoid arthritis sepcialist at the hosptial).

    Taking a suppliment for specific medical conditions can be very beneficial, as can taking one occassionally if you are run down, but if you are a generally healthy person with a good diet there shouldn't be any need to take them.  Save your money and buy something more exciting with it! image

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