What is the average 5K time for an 11 year old?

Today I ran a 5K in a time of 21:19. I am 11 years old and I would like to know what the average time is for my age is and wheather it is above/below average. 


  • Click here and have a look at the results from the London 5km, it will give you an idea how fast you are.

  • Sounds well above average to me. Have you tried the parkruns ? I'm sure you'd do very well there. 

  • Yes I tried 1 parkrun and I finished in 23:56 but that was my first time on the course so I didn't know if there hills or not so I didn't go too hard. I do have a 5K coming up on the 29th so I will be going for a new PB. Does any one know if I should go serious with my running or just go to occasional one-off races? Thanks for the replies so far, it is much appreciatedimage

  • Agree with cougie that it sounds well above average. Have you asked your School sports teacher for advice? It sounds to me like you just go out and run? Why not search on here (or google) for a structured 5k training plan and see where that takes you?

  • Thanks Andi. I am starting a running club tomorrow and my sports teacher is a triathlete. He said that the time that I ran my my age group was very good and I should be more serious but up until now I have just been searching on the internet for runs in my area that accept junior entries and entered them. Once again, thanks for the advice.

  • 11 years old and running 21 min 5k.  That's so depressing.  I'd be delighted with a sub 30 minute 5k... image

  • Probably good to average time wise but above average as not many your age keen on running. Last month I did a track 3k and was pleased with 11 min (45yrs!) - not so pleased with being beaten by 3 under 15's - one was 12 image

    Anyway if you enjoy it and can get some help with training you should do well
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