Brooks Defyance 5

I need to replace my road shoes and have been running very happily in Brooks Defyance 5s. But I've found the Defyance 3 and 4 online for about half the price. Is there anyone who's had more than one of these in the past and can say whether the 5s are significantly different from the earlier models? I'm really happy with them and would get the same again, but obviously I'd also be happy to save £30-£40.


  • The 3 and the 4 weren't that different apart from colour, so I can't see the 5s being much different. That's only guessing though.
  • Thanks Nykie! I might take a chance on the 3s in that case, as I've seen them in my size for under £40. Then I can spend my £35 saving on gin.

  • Ooh, once you've ordered your size, let me know where they're from!
  • Done it! Originally found them on ebay for £38.99, but when I went to the seller's own site they were only £34.99 with more sizes available. The 3s are available in B width and they also have the 4s in 2A width, plus various other models. It's and don't forget to enter the promotional code XS24 for free delivery.

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