Accuracy of nike plus shoe sensor?

Hiya I was just wondering how accurate the Nike+ shoe sensor is? I have recently ust gotten back to running after a while off and did the usual what I though 7 mile route. when i used to do it it took around 1hr but I just did it in 52 minutes and nike is saying I only ran 6. When I checked it out on MapMyRun it said 7. Now I dont know what to believe! does this mean I have just smashed my run after oming back to it from other sports?

Many Thanks!


  • Doesn't the sensor work by counting steps? You will do the same number of steps per minute if you go faster, just pushing further with each step. So if you go faster than the pace you calibrated the sensor at, it'll undermeasure. If you go slower, it'll overmeasure.

  • @chubby books - no, it doesn't do it by counting steps.

    @Harry Thorpe - I did some comparative tests against a 305 last year. My Nike+, with Basics shoes, was between 1 and 6 percent out, depending on type, not distance, of workout.
  • Harry- I used nike+ before upgrading to a garmin.  I found it to be very inaccurate and yes, it would always tell me that I ran faster than I actually did. I never attempted to calibrate it, maybe it's worth trying.

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