Im slowly becoming a runner!

Hi all,

I felt like i needed a goal in life to focus my mind and running efforts. Always been a bit of an on/off exerciser. I needed a goal to get some consistancy. That in mind, I entered the 2013 London Marathon Ballot not really beliveing i would get a place. Remarkably, I was sucessful!

Started training a few weeks ago and I have gone from my first run of 3 miles at an average of 11.52 min/mile  to today completeing 10 miles at an average of  9.32 min/miles. I know its not fast in the grand scheme of things but i was pretty proud when i got home!

Really looking forward to sticking with it and progressing further of the next few months! These first few months are certainly tiring but the quick progress makes things very exciting!


  • Great progress! I don't know if you have a goal in mind, but I would say keep up the progression (it will slow down) and you're on for sub 4 hrs in london, maybe 3.45 or less?

  • Wow, it doesn't matter how fast you go, it's great that you have made it up to running 10 mi in a few weeks! - you must be doing something right!

    Good luck with the rest of your training, keen to see how you do in the day image
  • oh my goodness...thats really impressive!!!....well done you!!!....keep us up to date with your progress.....x


  • I used to run only to try and get fit, like Rhodri on off exerciser, started running again on roads and had a bit o knee trouble, then discovered running on the moores just outside Plymouth, using a head torche at night i find it truly exillarting and I have actually begun to enjoy running for the first time, concentrating on the terrain I find the miles fly by only downside is very smelly wet trainers

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