Dodgy knee

Following a particularly tough off road distance race with lots of very steep ascents and descents I have developed a knee problem in one leg. It is not enough to stop me training but I am aware of a continual sore feeling under the knee cap as I run. If I sit with my leg nearly straight (foot on the floor forming an angle behind the leg of about 160 degrees) and probe around just below the knee cap (I believe there is a tendon in this area between knee and shin?) it feels quite tender, but if I then bend the leg to form a 90 degree angle and probe the same place again there is no problem.

I would be very grateful for any advice expert or anecdotal as I am worried that a more serious injury could be around the corner.


  • Any advice would be great.

  • In February my osteopath diagnosed i had small tear in my cartilgege which he popped back in. But the knee still stiffens after a run but relaxes after acouple days. Another physio looked at problem and did certain movements and placed the knee in certain angles which caused no pain. Therefore,the physio diagnosed if there was a cartilege problem these tests would have would have proved painful. Can anyone help me with my ongoing problem.
  • Another place that is worth looking at is - they have lots of stuff on knee injuries! Having just spent 15 months away from running and probably looking at another 2 of more "resting" I would really advise you to go and see a physio or "running aware" sports therapist asap.
  • Cheers Will and flic. I have been to both of your links and have found the information really helpful and reasurring. I had sort of self diagnosed the problem and am now more confident in a strategy for rehab.

    Cheers again. Keith
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