Hi , I've recently started to train again after a long lay off due to work commitments , about 3 months ago I pulled my left calf muscle playing rugby which resulted in severe pain and swelling in my ankle I completely rested until I felt recovered . My problem now is I'm doing light work on the treadmill and my left leg just feels like its going to give way no pain just feels like I'm about to fall off the treadmill lol ,my calf feels fine tho apart from being tight . Any thoughts please


  • It may just be that your left leg is now underdeveloped in comparison to your right leg, but I'd get the leg checked out by a GP, if yours is any good, otherwise by a decent sports physiotherapist, in case there's something wrong neurologically. Apart from that, I'd suggest plenty of mobility and strengthening exercises for all the different muscle groups.

  • Thanks Debra , booked physio for Tuesday hopefully get some answers .
  • Good luck!

  • It's all such a pain in the arse isn't it! It's like our legs don't want us to run.

    Hope you get it fixed Andy.

  • Lol just what I thought . Seen physio today and they feel my calfs are to tight from previous injurys , so plenty of TLC from them weekly and lots of stretching and no running for the moment but can do bike/ cross trainer etc which is disappointing .Hopefully only a few weeks not a fan of these cardio .
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