what to wear?

want to start running

new kid on the bloc

what do i wear without looking a plum!


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    key thing is proper running shoes, rather than a pair of "fashion" trainers.  Check if there is a specialist running shop in your area that can help you pick the best pair for you (as everyone's feet are different).

    Other than that, you can wear whatever you want.  You can spend a fortune on the latest high-wicking materials, or you can use some of your existing clothes from your wardrobe.  If you are buying, avoid cotton as it hangs onto sweat and doesn't feel very comfortable after a while. but if you've already got cotton-rich jogging pants, and are comfortable wearing them, then they'll be OK.


  • +1 on the wear whatever you want.  When I go out running I see people wearing all sorts of kit - nobody's bothered. 

  • Good shoes and socks. Anything else you want! You'll soon get over the fear of looking like a plum and won't give a toss. Men in three quarter length lycra tights always give me a giggle but I don't suppose they care what I think as they zoom past me. Generally, it seems to be that the faster/better you can run the more confident you are about wearing whatever the f**k you like.

    I tend to wear cheap ALDI kit and pound shop knitted gloves. Yesterday I was running in the snow wearing very short shorts, knee high socks, yellow fluoro jacket and a red fleece hat. Saw myself in the mirror when I got home and nearly died laughing.

  • Imagine someone you think looks like a plum. 
    Don't wear what you imagine them wearing. 

  • reasonably good shoes & socks (does not have to be expensive). Apart from that anything you like. +1 from me on the Aldi stuff.

  • Decent 'sweat wicking' material would be my advice and colours that match - or one colour overal (my Asics gear is black with red trim)l. image  And don't forget to get the right type of running shoes: have a gait test at a specialist running shop if you haven't already done so.  Your legs will thank you for it.image

    Avoid the very top makes like Adidas and Nike, because they'll rip you off.  I got my running stuff from Sports Direct (Asics) - and I recommend you do the same; there are always wonderful bargains there. image

    For when it gets very cold, a full length pair of running tights - I wear shorts over mine, otherwise it feels a little bit like going out in underwear.image  I'd advise against tracksuit bottoms - they just get horribly sweaty.

  • Sports Direct do have some good prices in their HeRunsSheRuns section even on some of the more expensive brands.  Unfortunately you have missed the ALDI gear for the year (I love my ALDI fluorescent yellow long sleeve top!).


    The most important pieces of equipment though are shoes and socks, go to a proper running shop and get fitted for shoes and ask about sock.  This is the one area where you really shouldn't cut corneres.

  • Socks make no difference what so ever, and shoes are only relevant if you heel strike and believe the hype.

  • Yeah, somebody told me that earlier in the year. Got a cheap pair of neutral trainers. Also got shin splints within a week of first running in them. Shoes and socks CAN make a difference. They definitely do to me. Some socks give me awful blisters, some give me small blisters. Since swapping to toe socks I haven't had a single on my toes.
  • *single one on* image
  • I can't agree that shoes make no difference: when I first started out I headed out there with my ordinary trainers on, and every time I came back home with some sort of niggle.  Got gait tested, bought proper shoes - niggles gone.  OK, I hurt my knee a while back, but that was down to overdoing it when my knee was saying 'go home'!

  • socks generally don't make a difference but bad socks definetly hurt.


  • I can run in any socks - but definitely not the cheap thick ones that Sports shops often sell.  Normal office socks yeah - cycling socks - yeah - Aldi sports socks - love them.  Oh the double skin ones - nope - they wrinkle up. Expensive and don't work for me. 

  • Some sort of sports socks does me generally - the ones that come up to just below your ankles.

  • I went on my first run in a long time last month wearing lycra shorts, regular sports shorts over them, a t-shirt, a jumper and a hat.  I very quickly fell down a hill and was covered in mud.  I was absolutely freezing as a result, and I got a lot of very odd looks during my (short) run from fellow runners.

    I can't really say I pay much attention to what other people are wearing when they are running, to be honest; however, I have found that people who aren't out running often seem to find people who are out running amusing, regardless of what they're wearing.

  • I only ever wear Stella McCartney, sweetie.
  • I've got one of the McCartney designed running T shirts, but I'd turn into an icicle if I was to wear that in this weather - currently -1...

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