Keeping my feet dry!

Looks like it's going to stay soggy, even over here in normally arid Norfolk, so how do people keep their feet dry through the winter?  I don't mind so much them getting wet in the rain, but when you tread in a puddle you can't avoid or didn't notice I find my feet get cold and then take a while to warm up again. 

Someone mentioned some Sealskinz, but a quick search on here threw up a thread suggesting they weren't great for running in as they hold the sweat in, can anyone confirm or deny that?

Or are there any other ideas for keeping your toes toasty?  I'm doing the VLM next year so will be out a lot for long runs and as I'll be run/walking training (due to injury) I could be out there a long time. 

Cold tootsies make for a grumpy TST so any suggestions would be welcome!!


  • yes - sealkinz are crap for running in (too bulky and hold sweat in)

    merino socks seems to be the most favoured as they will still keep you warm when wet (allegedly).   

  • Inov8 312GTX - a little more pricey that socks, and I doubt they'll do you much good if you heel strike - but mine keep my feet dry image

  • Will look into merino ones FB.

    Don't really want to buy new shoes Rafiki, not really in the budget people will be looking at spending for my birthday!  Plus they seem to be off road shoes, which isn't the sort of running I'm doing. 

  • I think most running shoes are light and meshy - so if theres any water splashing around - they will get in. Off road shoes are usually a bit sturdier.

    I've used my Saucony Jazz Trail running shoes for a lot of road running. Excellent value, and much sturdier than my normal road running shoes.


  • Try rubbing Vaseline all over your feet before you put your socks on. Won't stop them getting wet, but I've found it very helpful in avoiding blisters associated with wet feet.

  • You won't be able to keep the water out I'm afraid, you just have to embrace it!

  • Normally I look forward until everything freezes and then its ok but I've used quite a few Goretex lined shoes in long wet autumns and this is my order of preference:

    Asics gel fuji sensor - very supple feel

    Asics gel trail lahar - lasted about 1000 km before leaking

    Inov-8 roclite 312gtx - can be a hard ride for a heel striker

    Salomon XA pro 3 gtx - bit hard ride but several 00 km before leaking

    Salomon Xa pro 3 gtx mid cuff - really a walking boot but good for deeper puddles!

    Asics trabuco WR - a great trail shoe but the letters mean resistant not proof!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I wear merino socks, they are actually icebreaker treking socks, but they do the job! my feet don't get cold even when wet, n they dont rub.

  • Smartwool socks for me image
  • Drymax Trail Socks - google them, so much better than merino

  • My good lady came home with a pair of Sealskinz for me last week, done a 12.5 mile and a couple of 7 milers in them. Found them fantastic very warm and dry feet. Feel strange when you put them on, a bit like putting bags on your feet but feel fine when running
  • I had no trouble with the wet, or blisters until the waterlogged Manchester Marathon, every run of more than 5 miles afterwards I seemed to get blisters and I tried to avoid wet feet to prevent problems. I find you can't avoid it, using vaseline and Injinji toe socks (or Toe-toe socks) was the cure for me, absolutely great, no problems since I go them, and very comfy to run in.


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