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  • Good luck to those racing today , make it a good one,

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Good luck today Rick. 

    I managed 3.31 yesterday at the 3 peaks. I absolutely dled going up ingleborough and my last gel had burst in my race pouch. (Fatal error only taking just enough) I went from the top 20 to finish in 37th out of around 800. 

    A touch disappointed about not finishing strongly but lessons learnt and the support on the route was immense. 

  • Hope your ten miler went well SJ, and I'm sending good vibes to Rick as he pounds the streets of Manchester.

    Well done on 3 peaks matt, although sounds a bit frustrating for you- I guess you'll just have to give it another bash next year if you feel there's unfinished business. Still fantastic to come in the top 5%. 

    Yep you're right SJ- I just think I was hoping that some of my HM fitness from last month might have rubbed off, but I guess that's not the case. I think I've also got used to runnng in sub zero temperatures so am noticing the 'heat' more. I'm trying to mix up my sessions a bit now ahead of Manchester in 4 weeks- so far this week I did a short interval (ish, very unstructured) session on Monday, a 5 mile plod on Wednesday, parkrun yesterday and am going to do 6/7 miles this afternoon. Right after I've done some studying. Fun. 

  • Well done matt thats an impressive time and finish, shame about your gel!! But i think you can be proud of your time.

    Fleetwood 10 mile was really tough going, as we were running into strong winds for a lot of the race. It felt like you were running up hill. I was blown sideways and backwards, people were losing the caps as well....But despite this, i got a PB of 1h 11m 27s, which is down from 1h12m24s. So i am very pleased with that.

    Hi Lou your plan sounds a good step in the right direction. Mileage and speed work will get you there. And yes, we are all going to have to relearn about wearing less clothing when running as the temperature heats up.

  • thanks everone for good wishes.manchester was a really good marathon.crowds were amazing with their mattl that's a very good run.thanks for vibes pg,ok here it is.i went through half way point at 1hr 45mins.however my lack of training found me out in 2nd half of race,i finished it in 3hrs 44mins. a few seconds more than my preston mattl told me before the training is a must really,i am glad I did it though it was a brill days running , my son asked to push on at half way and he went on to do a pb of 3hrs 28mins, very happy and proud of him.i may go for chester now but it will be train train train lol, once again thanks for all the if I had took all the jelly babies on offer today I could have opened a sweet shop with them lol.


    sj well done also today,i run 2 week back in very strong winds so I know what it takes out of you,so well done on your pb,




  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Well done rick. 

    Just think what you could run if you had a good marathon training programme under your belt. 

  • Well done Rick.

    Thats me entered into ballot for London marathon so fingers crossed.

  • hey well done rick thats a great time, despite your limited training, shame you didn't collect up those jelly babies mind lol


    I am tempted to enter London, but i want to do Paris next year really...dilemma!! Quite fancy Dublin in October too.

  • The ballot for London opened and closed in 12 hours this morning.....

  • lol wow thats fast!! Guess i wont put in then this time lol oh well....

    There will be other chances for people that really want to do it, plenty of club, charities and competition places up for grabs I'm sure. I think runners world usually do something for it actually.

  • My race number for Chester half arrived today, getting excited now.

  • nice one paul.give it a really good go mate, I think I may go for chester marathon in sept. I managed to get myself in London marathon ballot before it closed,after running in front of them crowds at Manchester I want more lol.

  • Yeah I got in the London ballot also, the second year running.

  • chest half, not heard of that one Paul your have to feed back how it goes and what the race is like

  • There is the MBNA Chester half in May and in Oct there is the Chester full marathon.

  • So what is everyone's running plans this weekend ?


    I am away Saturday night, so ParkRun, with a run before and after tomorrow for me and then a long run Monday morning, ahead of the Blacksticks Blue 10k next Sunday.

  • Just training runs for me I'm tapering for next weeks Chester half.

  • Ah good stuff Paul, try not to over do it but have a good one. It looks like the weather will be on our side.

  • Just entered the Blackpool summer 10k in July with my son, so that should be fun.

  • I entered burnley 10k yesterday,been on velodrome track in Manchester today,that was really good riding at the top of the banks,havent stopped thinking about last weeks Manchester marathon all week, the crowds really made the day complete with their fantastic support all the way round, im going to do chester in oct but it really will have to go some to top Manchester,hope it does mind you, back out on my canal runs in the morning,good luck in chester next week paul and have a good one bud,

  • Cheers Rick, I'll let you know how it goes. If you running through Rishton I'll look out for ya.

  • I did an easy 4 miles run this morning, I'm tapering for next Sundays half marathon, so just taking it easy.


  • My plan for this week is 6 tonight, 6 Thursday, 3 sat and then the Black sticks Blue 10K on Sunday,

    Got a course PB at ParkRun on Saturday 20:21 so, i was pleased with that. I think the previous Sundays run into the wind at Fleetwood helped that to come about.

  • Was a bit wet out last night!! - But the weather is predicted to be ok on Sunday, which is good news for us runners - Racing or Training.

  • The weather is crazy this week! I did a 8 miler on Monday that nearly melted me it was that warm. Not been out since thanks to an emergency dentist visit and a dose of antibiotics (plus the rain which added to my general feeling-sorry-for-myself state), but was pleased with a 2013 best at parkrun last week (and only 7 seconds off my PB). 

    Looking forward to preston parkrun's first birthday tomorrow- am feeling on the mend so going to see if I can get near last week's result again. 

    Hope everyone has a good weekend of racing/training

  • Emergency Dentisit visit!! Thats not good Lou!!

    Yes you had a good run at ParkRun last week, think on the third lap, when you get to that down hill part towards the end, that's when you start building up your pace. Then go up another gear when you to the bridge near the finish line and then move up to a sprint when you get to the line of trees leading to the finish image

    Good luck and i hope the cakes turn out ok!!

  • Thanks! My kitchen currently looks like a bomb has exploded... 

    Yeah dentist visit wasn't good- had an infected wisdom tooth image

  • lol why what did you do it.......? imageimage


    Ouch!!! That sound painful, no cake for you then lol

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