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  • There's just quite a lot of cake paraphernalia and icing on pretty much every surface. Am having a cup of tea break to allow the cake to cool enough to ice it.

    I think this just shows that I am more interested in cakes than running image

  • lol well its cakes for running, hows that :P

    What you need to do, is enter a race were you get a cake at the end of it :P Longridge Xmas Pudding run ??? Its a tough one, but you get a cake....well the end of it.

    I am just packing up for home now, enough work for one week!!!. Good luck cleaning your kitchen, its the worse part of cooking he he

    And good luck at parkrun, let me know how you get on and if your cakes kill anyone or not :P he he - In a way its a shame to miss it, as its a birthday event, but the Cheese race is the priority this weekend. Apparently it was a 700ft clime in it image #FunTimes


  • really wish we had a park run around accrington/Blackburn. im always alone chugging my canal path lol, hey talking of cakes. after the Manchester marathon as we was getting to our car.a runner took a bad turn next to our car.he slid to the floor eyes open but no response off him. im only useful for putting a plaster on, so just did what I could,gave him my space blanket to keep him warm, only thing I could think of was he was out of energy, heres where the cakes come wife who was with me bakes cakes all the time and she had backed and brought with her lots of flatjacks, we got to guy to nibble on them and gave him some energy water I had, and bit by bit he came round, 10 mins later we had him back up on his feet,  anyway good running to you all this weekend,

  • I'm taking it easy today its the Chester half tomorrow.Up at 6.00am get there for 7.45am park up and just take in the atmosphere while I warm up. I'm getting excited now lol.image

  • Wow RIck thats some story!! Poor guy, he must of really gone for it! I hope he is all recovered now and not put off running.

    I have noticed there is no ParkRun in Blackburn and ive never understood why!! Maybe you could set one up Rick.......

    Hey Paul, it does sound like your really looking forward to Chester, i had a nice lay in to day ahaed of the Cheese run, its only 10k i know, but hey and excuse for some extra sleep and as a runner they dont crop up often

  • impressive racing from brownlee at the tri event in Japan to admire multi-event athletes

  • Good luck today Paul have a good one. I work sat mornings anyway sj. I was thinking of joining a club near me. Accrngton road  runners. but they go out tues nights. That's only night that's not good for me. I really do need to find more time from somewhere.ive got next bank hol in lakes so I should get plenty of runs up there. Have a good run in cheese run 


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Join clayton harriers. Tues, Thursdays, sat mornings etc. 

  • afternoon all, sounds like your struggling with time Rick, hmmm you could try early morning. Which isn't easy but its either that or late night running for you i guess.....

    Did the cheese, not sure on my official time, it could be a PB or close to it. Brief review, i would say all runners should give it a go sometime. Its really well organised, there are loads of Marshall's, you get people out clapping you, at various points in the race and you get a decent size bit of cheese at the end. Also plenty of free parking and a tea, bacon butty and cake stall was available at the finishing area.

    If you like challenging races, with some good tough hills and great views i recommend the Black Sticks Blue 10K. Its similar in ways to the Longridge Lions 7 Mile run, so yes give a go next year you'd enjoy im sure of it and i think, time allowing, i will be there again next year.

    Hope everyone else had a good days running


  • Sounds good that cheese race. Finding times is my prob. I managed to get out this morning for a short run. Might nip out later for another. When we go Keswick for 4days In 2 weeks time hoping to get out running everyday. Has anyone on here any marathons in the pipeline? think I wil put in for Chester in oct. once I've entered it should be enough to kick my butt and get out more. 

  • It was good, it had a great county village event feel about it, very enjoyable. Its definitely worth giving it ago.

    Keswick, i bet there some good hill running around there Rick.

    I might do the Dublin Marathon in October, still thinking about it......

  • Hi All I've just got back from Chester Half and managed a PB of 1hr 45mins 44secs so well happy with that. It was a well organised race, good marshals and good support. People handing out jelly beans and water. It's a race I will do again.

  • Ah well done Paul thats great work, what was the route like ?

    And make sure you do a runners world race review, people do find them of use.

  • The route was fairly flat, some minor hilly parts. We went through villages and down country lanes. I really enjoyed it will do it again, might even run the full one in Oct.

  • That's a brill time Paul. Well done.

  • Cheers Rick image

  • It sounds like a nice race Paul and again well done on the time......still no official results out for the cheese run, which is disappointing, but i guess something had to go wrong lol

  • My offical time for the Blacksticks Blue 10k is in, i finished 18th with a pb of 41:46, so i am really pleased with that

  • Congrats SJPC14

  • Wow. Very good running sjpc14 that's a very good time.paul did you run through the city at Chester? Think I'm going to do Chester marathon. Just not sure I'd like running most of it out in the sticks lol.had a good 7 mile run tonite from ossy over to range then   Round canal back to ossy,

  • Yeah it's s bit of both city and sticks, in the full it takes in some of Wales also and country lanes , I'm thinking of going for it, it's meant to be a good course.

  • Thanks guys and dont worry about a marathon taking in the sticks Rick, quite a few of them do,

    I had a day off running, yesterday to give my body a bit of rest after Sunday, Altough i did still walk to work. Will return tonight, with perhaps a nice four. Ive got the Freakleton HM in four weeks, thinking of doing 14 16 14 12, as my long runs.


  • Hi!

    Looking for nice races for late July and August. Any recommendations? Is Elswick Express a quick / PB course. I`m due to beat my 10 mile PB! And Windmill HM?

  • The Cuerden Valley Badger 10k in August is a good one, off road, friendly and challenging.


  • Ive done the Windmill HM, it is pretty flat, but its on the cost, so you have to deal with strong winds.

    Try the Ukresults website, plenty of races are listed on there.

  • That was a painful 4 mile, but worth it im sure. Hope everyones had a good run out tonight.

  • After last Sundays race I've decided to rest this week, will be out at weekend.

  • Thats good thinking Paul, after doing a marathon i tend to also have a full week off.

  • Thanks SJ. I did the St Anne`s a couple of times so I guess it`s a very similar course. I know UKResults; was just looking for advice on good ones for this Summer.

  • Hi Egyptian Toe

    After a winter of targeting 10 mile and half races decided to utilise the fitness and have a bash at a few more shorter races over psring/summer (don't usually race much if at all over spring/summer). Probably won't make all of them put the race plan I have gleaned based on quick courses and hard training route (Badger 10k) is:


    Tuesday 28th May 7pm - Welcome Inn 5k                                    

    Saturday 1st June 6:30pm - Catforth 5k                                      

    Thursday 6th June 7:30pm - Badger 10k                                      

    Tuesday 25th June 7pm - Welcome Inn 5k           

    Thursday 4th July 7:30pm - Badger 10k                                       

    Sunday 7th July  10am - Catforth 10k                                         

    Saturday 20th July 10:30am - Elswick Express 10m                                 

    Tuesday 30th July 7pm - Welcome Inn 5k                                    

    Thursday 1st August 7:30pm - Badger 10k                                              

    Saturday 17th August  6:30pm - Catforth 5k

    If my memory is correct you pop across to relatives in Penowrtham so the Saturday nights races might be a good a good fit.image

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