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  • The badger race is a good one, as you cant fit in on a Thursday night and still get your long Sunday run in. I might give one of those welcome tavern 5k runs a go. Ive not done a proper 5k race for a few years. Does any one know what route they use ? I imagine they use the tram road.

    How come you dont race much in Summer Max ?

  • sj think you live near southport. whats southport  half marathon like?

  • Thanks Maxpower. That list is useful. Didn`t notice that there were a few evening races at Catforth. Quick course too. Only ever done 2 x 5k`s but that (annoyingly) seems to be my best distance. Might look at them, plus Elswick. Hoping to do a marathon 0n June 23rd so a few weeks after that would suit . . . image

  • I live in Walton-le-dale rick and ive not doe that one sorry.

    Whats everyone's running plans this weekend ? I skipped ParkRun Ive one or two twinges after the 10k race last Sunday, so decided a rest of fast running was in order. Out doing 14 miles tomorrow morning mind.


  • I've rested for a week since last Sundays half at Chester, back on the road tomorrow. I'm thinking of running the sport in the port 10k in Ellesmere Port on Father's Day, should be fun.

  • So how did you get on Paul and everyone else. I did a 14 mile, but found it tough going. I think i through in too many hills!!

    But saying that im pleased to have done it, as in the long run it can only do me good i guess........

  • Rick I'm from Southport and have done a couple of 10ks there. I really enjoyed them as Southport is so flat, although it can be windy- but in July that might help you keep cool. I'm pretty sure it's the first year for the HM, and I don't know whose organising it so you've got a bit of a gamble there. I looked at the route and it looks pretty good- several smaller loops around the lake/ prom/ coast road so options for spectators to walk from diffferent parts of the course to support in multiple places. I also think it's part of the Tour of Merseyside that is that that week so the numbers should be boosted by that. I would be doing it myself if I didn't have 4 exams the week before so can't combine the long runs with revision. 

    I'm having a gentle week this week before Manchester 10k next Sunday. I've been placed in quite a fast wave (the 2nd of 5) so I'm terrified I will be running along on my own because I think everyone will be faster. But hopefully that will be good for my pace. I've also just splashed out and bought a garmin so I can pace myself better as I've been finding it really hard to gauge my effort at parkruns and either over or under-estimate my final time and I'd like to be more consistent. 

  • thanks penguingirl. I might have a go at it.i did a 7 mile canal run this morning,then next weekend ive got 4 days in lakes so will prob be out at 7am every morning running.anybody here been running around or near  Keswick ?

  • A garmin lou, how fancy he he. And dont worry about being in a fast pen, there be plenty of people in there slower than you or who are doing their first race. Plus its a big event so i doubt your be on your own. Youve been fairly consistant with ParkRun, getting around 28 mins each time, so i think perhaps if you complete the first 5k of the race in 30-32 mins, that should set you up for a good finish.....

    Your have to let us know what Southport is like then Rick, if its the first one, your our event tester lol

  • SJPC14

    When I stopped playing football a few years ago I ended up doing running in winter and a few triathlons in summer. Due to work and family commitments that is now pretty much running. So plan is to have a go at a few 5 and 10ks this summer.

    Route for welcome tavern is at

    Not done this one before but mate at works wife came second last time out in 16:4X. Can't see me threatening that time image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I'm going to spend the summer concentrating on my 5k and may do a couple of the lancaster ands sale sizzler series. My aim is to run sub 16 at capenhurst 5k in August. 

  • I dont blame you for doing tri's in the summer and not the winter!! Cold water.....No!

    Thanks for posting the 5k route, i fancy doing one of these, as its been a few years since i did a proper 5k race (No offence ParkRun) and i live locally to these and have run around there a few times, so worth a go me thinks. Plus my distance PB is 20:01, so very close to Sub20.......

    Sub 16 matt!! nice one!! You should do ParkRun you'd be runner of the month every month!!

  • Wow Matt that is fast- the record at Preston parkrun is 15.44 so you would definitely be close to that (although it's not really a PB course).

    I hope you're right about Sunday SJ- I'm trying to tell myself that running in a fast pen will be really good for me and there is no reason why I shouldn't be close to my PB as I am running ok at the moment. It's just the wait whilst you know that it is too late to train anymore! I think I just need to psychologise myself about what would be so bad about being slower than others in the wave etc (ie. practice what I preach!)

    Does anyone else run first thing in the morning? I've noticed that now it's getting lighter I am naturally waking up between 5.30 and 6 so am contemplating switching to early morning runs rather than after work. We shall see if I actually manage it this week! 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Sjpc14- I've done the Burnley Parkrun a few times. That isn't a PB course either. I had the course record at one point but it stands at 16.19 at the minute. My 10k time says I should be able to run very close to sub 16 minutes so I've decided to concentrate on the 5k now as I noticed a chap I beat at Salford 10k when I ran 33.15 has just run 15.45. I'm a bit jealous! Ha

    Penguingirl, I run twice a day 3 times a week and usually head out at 6 am for an easy 4 miles on the canal with my dog. Helps keep my mileage up and can be useful for my recovery runs from a race or a tough session. 

  • Good luck with the early runs Lou, i keep trying to get into that, so i can do some doubles on certain days and also, as matt says to increase my miles. But not yet brave it!!

    Your be fine on Sunday, forget about the other runners and concentrate on your own pace and your own plan for the race. THats all you need to do and hte rest should work out....

    lol your get there im sure matt, look for flat 5ks, that should help. I bet there is a sub16 5k forum somewhere online too.


  • One question about the welcome tavern 5k, looking at the route max, it looks like there is slight risk of runner at the end collision.....or am i being nuts. What does your mate say ?


  • Wow Matt, double runs is impressive. I think I'd be ditched by partner if I suggested that!

    Anyway I just thought I'd post to say that my first attempted run at silly o'clock was a success and I now feel very smug. I can definitely see the appeal of getting it done in the morning. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I have a 12 day old daughter and have still been able to get out and do the parkrun the morning after she was born, I ran at whoolan nook trail race last wed then ran the Calderdale way relay on Sunday. the lack of sleep seems to have helped as I got a 1st and 2 second places in therm. Haha. 

    Fortunately I've a dog that needs walking so it usually ends up running with me. image

  • Congrats Matt on your daughter, and that is impressive that you are still getting your runs in and doing well in your races! Hope you are managing to get some sleep. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Fortunately my wife doesnt have a problem with it. She realises how grumpy I am if I don't get out. 

  • Ah well done Lou thats great going and matt lol how did you get away with that....well done.



  • Hows everybodies running been this week ?

    I havent done to much to be honest. I did four last night and planning on 10 tonight , but getting a 16 in on Sunday.

  • I've just done 4 miles on weds with my son, I'll be out nice and early tomorrow for a 6 miler.

  • Sounds like that was a nice run out Paul, hopefully the weather stays like this all weekend.

    Did my 10 Miles, found it tough going at one point, as its a route with some good hills. But spotted there is a sauage and beer feastival in Houghton this weekend, so might pop there on Sunday

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    i ran the Burnley Lions 10k last night, quite a tough course with two notable hills and an undulating stretch. Definitely not a PB course but was using it as some speed work. Managed to win the race in 34.58 so a good start to the weekend. 

    Good luck to anybody else who is racing this weekend. 

  • Wow Matt, fantastic win last night, well done.  Although I beg to differ about it not being a PB course image.  Managed to chop a good 30 seconds off my 10K PB last night, so was really pleased with that.

    Looking forward to having a go at the Austwick Amble on Monday.  Never done that one before so should hopefully be a good day out if the weather can stay kind to us.

    Have a great weekend everyone, race well!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Congrats on your PB. A race with hills like that is definitely not a PB course. Haha. You need to run something like Salford 10k for comparison. I was nearly two minutes quicker there. image 

  • Ha ha, that's the plan Matt! Catforth 10k in July - pancake flat so hopefully I can get another PB.  To be fair my old PB was 5 months ago and this was the first 10k race I've done since then. 

    Good luck anyone racing today......think a long walk to a beer garden is on the cards for me image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Normally a long run for me today but I over indulged yesterday in the beer gardens so a day of fizzy pop and food instead. image 

  • excellent running matt and tiny!! very impressive

    Today is a lovely day for LSR, perfect in fact, sun and nice breeze. Got out and round this route :

    Which features some beautiful view. If you can, i recommend taking some of it in. Esp that bits around "Top O'Th Lane Farm" Fantastic views on offer.  

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