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  • Good luck today Paul and all other racers today, enjoying the speed workout tips coming through.

    Me, just getting ready for Feckleton now and by that I mean eating and drinking


    Looking forward to the off but having the usual race day nerves at the moment  


  • I did the Ellesmere Port 10k and got a time of 46mins 2secs, I can't complain with that, very happy.

  • great time Paul! I had a good day out in Freckleton too, scoring myself a PB of 1:32:38. So very pleased with that. Sub 1.30 cant be far off.......

  • Great time sjoc14, you'll soon have sub 1.30

  • Nice times Paul & SJPC14.

    Thought Ellesmere Port was very well organised. medal, tshirt, goody bag with mars, haribo AND freddos.

    How much off was that SJPC? whats your 10k PB if getting into the low 1:30s.

  • great times paul and sjpc. that's me just entered southport half marathon so better get on with my training lol. will let you know paul how I get on wends night with Blackburn road runners ,running from witton im sure they will give me the hills I need lol

  • Yeah cheers Rick, I'm up for joining em.

  • Some great running there guys.

    78 miles on the bike for me yesterday (Lancashire hotpot sportive) and some interesting sunburn to show for it.

    I've got a small op on weds so I'll be having a week or off after tomorrows run then I need to find something to enter. I'm considering Windmill Half and maybe the Lancaster 5k at Salt Ayre. 

  • Good luck with the op oggy07.

  • I took about 2 mins off my previous PB which was 1:34:58  and yes fingers crossed i can go sub 1:30, which is really nice to know as i was thinking i might be stuck in the mid 1:30's forever lol

    Freackleton goody bag, was a training bag, similar to one given out at the Preston Guild Marathon, a towel and a sports drink. We also got a banana and a drink at the end.

    87 miles Oggy wow thats very impressive! Hope the op is nothing serious.

    My 10k PB is 41:46, so getting close to sub 40 for that and again hopefully that will come in the near future. I have all my PBs on my profile page, so i can quickly remember what they are....

    I'm currently toying with an idea of keeping a blog for my Dublin marathon training and run. Although i doubt many, if any, will read it, it could be a good source of information for the next marathon i do after that......

    liking the running cat picture

  • Im going to experiment with running home from work today


  • Wow SJ! Seems you`re in a rich vein of form. Choose some speedy races and reap the dividends. What`s your 10 mile PB?

    here's MY BLOG!

  • Thanks Egyptian.T my 10M PB is 1:11:27 , which i got at Fleetwood this year.

    Yss, im doing well this year four races and four PBs,  2 HMs , 1 10M and 1 10K.

    Checking out your blog now......a beer blog lol very good. I will share it on twitter.



  • Thanks!

    Your PBs are a bit ahead of me but the sort of times I`d like to get to.

    I did 21.00 at Preston Guild 5k (only ever done 2), 42.10 at 10k but I reckon course was short so my 43.## at Blackpool is more reliable and my HM this year got to 1.37.13 which I`m pleased with and it was at the start of my marathon training (mara on Sunday!). My 10 mile was 75.## at Lytham but I went through 10 quicker in my HM so needs smashing soon!

    That link should actually work!

  • Your link did work and i shared it on twitter.

    Your times are not that different to mine, im sure if we did the same race, we would be in close proximity to one another.

    Would love Sub 20 5k, Sub 40 10K , sub 1:30 HM and Sub 3:30 Mara......

  • I was reading online that when youve a big race in mind, you should tailor your long runs and medium long runs to try and mirror the race route.

    Does anyone on here do that ?

  • When I`ve trained for a tough HM (Eyam and Buxton) I did do extra hills on my LDRs, especially late on. That said, Eyam was still murderous. Also I`m doing a 4 lap marathon and my LDRs have been 5 mile loops, so pretty similar too.

  • a 4 lap marathon, that sounds interesting . Have you done it before ?

  • No, it`s a new one in Shrewsbury.

  • Oh right, your have to let us know how it goes. How big is each lap, in terms of miles ?

  • It`s even so 6.5 each lap, I guess. Certainly will be interesting mentally.

  • that will be interesting, how are they keeping place of everyones positions ? Is it chip timed ?

  • sjpc liking the blog.

    you can do a sub 3:30 off a 42-43 minute 10k so you're there already, around a 1:34-36 half?

    Sub 40 10k and Sub 1:30 or close is well under 3:30, closer to 3:15. Though some people have the speed, some endurance.

    sjpc, I'm at your goal times currently.

    Egyptian toe... Beeer!!! I like your blog more.

    I'm doing Shrewsbury also, pacing a friend for around 3:45. What time you looking for?

  • Who doesn't prefer beer hey lol

    Where you based Cat ?

    I have to say the first two marathons I did, I didn't train enough, but at Preston when I got 3:48 I had trained a lot better, more miles, more speed work, I was even at the 20 mile point on 3 hours, so pleased to finish with 48min 10k

    My half PB is now 1:32:48, since Sunday


  • Morning all!

    The Shrewsbury race is chipped and the laps are all pretty central so should be supported if the weather is ok. I just want to be under 4 hours tbh. It`s only my second full and, although my HM time (1.37) suggests that ought to be well doable, I want sub-4 in the bag and then find a quicker race for the Autumn and look for 3.3#s, maybe.

    Thanks for the blog compliments! I did a new article last night and it`s great to see loads of sudden hits from all over - China, Costa Rica, Romania, etc!

    SJPC - Your HM PB would suggest a much quicker mara for you now!

  • I'm liking that your beer blog is an international hit Egyptian.T thats great going and im sure your get your sub4 mara.

    As for me, i'll be happy, if come October i cross the line in Dublin with a PB , thats my first goal. If i can get sub 3:40 that would be fantastic. But its interesting hearing comments from people, suggesting i should be able to make sub 3:30. Interestingly in the back of the Advanced Marathoning book, they have a grid of times and if, i did replicate my HM time that day, then i should be on for a really good time......i guess its just a matter of being able to sustain the pace.

  • All of your times are pipe dreams at the moment for me. 

    I had to work hard to run 1:59 at Potters Arf this month but when I checked my Garmin account I've run a whopping total of 8hrs since 01/01/13 including that race so it's no surprise I'm no where near to the sub 1:45 I'd like.

    I have done 30-40hrs cycling this year which will have helped but I know I need time on my feet so I guess I need a better balance of training if I want to improve my times.

  • ah but you've got a good solid base to work off their Oggy, sub 2hr, certainly puts you in the better half or HM finishers, so you can push on from there. I'm pretty sure, when i did my first HM i finished in around 1:48, and its just been about eating away at that, improving my training, increasing my miles, my race day tactics / preparation and so on.

    The Lancaster half, in November is pretty flat, from what i remember. So perhaps you want to take aim at the one.

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