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  • i find NB are heavier to wear than most and wasn't sure when i first bought a pair. But ive had a couple of pairs now and they all seemed to last a while and i do like  the cushioning.

    I prefer Ron Hill apparel myself, even thoughts its a bit pricey.


  • new trainers bought, a part of KALENJI Kiprun MD, cant wait to fully road test them.


    They are made for HM racing so I will given them a full test out at inskip and use them for training to wear them in, until then. After that Kalenji do a pair designed for people who run on the roads for 60+ mins 3-4 times a week, so if I like these I might pick a pair of them up as well for my training and hopefully get some good mileage out of them.


  • happy new year everyone, well im on the board this year with the central lancs half marathon done last sunday 1hr 38mins so happy with that,ive 6 other races booked this year upto now,cpl of halfs and Manchester and edinbugh marathons, one that's just come up I think will be a good 10k is the ron hill accrington 10k,and a plug for my club race is the winter warmer this year with chip timing,also whats thoughts on doing a half marathon 1 week before a full marathon?

  • hey rick , your certainly motivated arnt you!! And well done in the central HM thats a great time!

    Ive done Edinburgh its a good one, not as flat as they claim and not not shade if the suns out, but an enjoyable event.

    A half marathon a week before the marathon.....well you are meant to be tampering. but then the last training plan i did had me doing speed work a week before, so you might be ok, esp if you ease off on the week of the marathon.

  • Any one else signed up for Jantastic




  • Hi All, I'm doing a half marathon week before a full so I'll just ease off in the week running up to the full and hope I'm ok. Central Lancs Half done, ran with Rick for some of it until I lagged behind. 7 more races entered up to now.
  • I think your plan should work fine Paul. Impressive so many are signing up for races throughout the year already.

    How was everyone's weekend ? I got a 16 miler in and completed all 5 of my targeted Jantastic runs. 

  • Mine was ok SJ. I did 8 (on empty) after work Friday, 4 on Saturday and a sluggish 10 on Sunday. Did 15 last Sunday too though.

    Taper-ish for Inskip now. Anyone know of anything near for little uns to do?

  • 8 on empty well done, thats good going. I often need a snack if im hungry before hand. Ive made some energy bar things, from the Runners World cook book, quite nice really.

    Im going to taper this week too, i figured as im not training for an event and havent been following a training programme it will probably do me do. I am thinking of doing 6,4,6,4 then the race.

    Not sure about runs for little uns E.Toe. We get a lot of youngsters at Preston ParkRun, running the course, not just watching i mean, if thats any use to you.....

    Other than that you could try doing a search on sometimes they have races for children advertised.


  • On in other news, ive signed up for runners worlds 1000 mile challenge, if you log a 1000 miles running this year, you might win £1000. Seems worth it, as im running any way, so might as well try and make some money out of it.


  • 14 miles for me on sunday.back on my 6am 5 mile runs mon to Friday. 

  • wow thats impressive that your up that early. What time do you get to bed to make that time ?

  • Im up just before 6. Then out soon after. 40 mins later the days mine lol. Me and paul doing the welcome tavern 10k.  Anyone else in it? 5 mile morning runs going well. 40miles done this week including long sunday run

  • very impressive rick, i wish i could do that.

    I did the Inskip HM at the weekend getting a PB of 1:27:36 i am very happy, its my first ever sub 1:30 HM , i think i'll do this race again!! I have done a race report

    and a blog post if your interested

    Whats the welcome tavern 10k like, does it follow the Chernobyl 10k route ?

  • Its the same race SJPC, Chernobyl charity left for pastures new but Steve Ashcroft kept it going. Advice to anyone running it oldest trainers you have.

  • yes, i live around there and if it still heads down to the river via hennel lane expect ankle deep farm run off & mud


    Why did chernobyl leave ?

  • Chernobly just wanted to try something new. Route was changed to avoid the mud. We went left after tram bridge and down past Continental and over Ribble at other Bridge inn and back on old course to the finish.

  • Oh right , yes that sounds like a slightly cleaner route to run. When is it been run ?

    Ive seen the Chernobyl run finishing over on the other side of the bridge, but i didnt realise that there has been a split.

    Any one else go running Sunday morning then wish they hadnt ? - It was horrendous


  • Last Sunday SJC.

    Finishing on other side of the river was when Welcome Inn split / closed and Shaws Arms was HQ. New people at Welcome OK with road races.

    Wish I had not signed up for Welcome Inn or I would have stayed in bed until the weather cleared around 12.00

  • lol yes the weather was horrendous !! I got hailed on, rained on and almost blown into the road several times...... cant imagine it was pleasant to race in. Esp the pre-race waiting around. I bet there was no delayed start that day!

    What route did it take / is it mapped anywhere ?

  • I did welcome tavern race last week. Very wild and wet but funny enough got a pb at 44.31  how can that be on a really bad day. Whos doing winter warmer on 9th? Im on duty at 5k mark.

  • excellent going rick, i am currently ummm'ing and arr'ing over the winter warmer. Did it last year, its tough going but very enjoyable esp the finishing on a track.

  • Did you do winter warmer?  I was marshaling at 5k bend. Doing oulton Park hm in 2 weeks.

  • no didnt go along in the end. I am pretty sure i'll do the trimple 20 next month though.


    How did it go, the weather was pretty miserable in the morning.

  • Hi all!

    I`m not back over in Lancs until April for the new Valiants HM which sounds nice. I`m not doing a great deal of training but I did grab a 10k PB this month doing the Dewsbury 10k in 42.47. image

  • i might do valiants race. did know it was new, ive heard its flat and you know of a course map anywhere ?

  • No but I was given a free entry by Alan Taylor and it does sound good!

  • free entry!! lucky you, how did you get that ?

  • I got a free entra after oulton park. The advertised medal didnt happen at end of race. Sorted it out now with them.

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