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  • Wheres everyone gone?  In tge last month ive been a busy running been. Done Ramathon hm. Southport hm. Burnley 10k. I love Manchester 10k . Lancaster 10k.  Bradford millennium 3rd leg. Now time for a holiday. 

  • Hi Rick.  Some good races there!  I also did the Pennine Lancs 10k.  Been doing some other local small races over summer but gearing up for the Fleetwood half marathon in August image

  • Hi Rick


    You will enjoy Fleetwood Half 500 + runners, great 2 (different) lap course, promenade start, Marine Hall gardens finish at the tented village.  20+ other events along the Fylde Coast & surrounding area, go to, save money on races, loyalty points etc, check them out

  • I didnt like fleetwood last year.  Found it boring. Plus medals are very poor. Ehm at Warrington is far better. 

  • Never mind Rick can't please everyone all the time, yes Warrington is brilliant, good luck

  • im still alive. just not posted on here as it went quiet for while. Completed Wales in 3:12:46 and feeling very pleased about it.

    Glad everyone is still running and doing well by the sounds of it.

  • well done on wales sjpc. been a bit busy here getting them miles 2 runs of 23 miles done the last 2 sundays with a few 10 mile runs in midweek.after years of wimping out of runs in egypt i managed to get out road running in sharm most mornings,so im well on my way to being ready for chester,got salford and natterjack 10k races in sept. happy running guys,

  • how is everyone gettign on. Not been on here in ages!!

    Ive made a group on Garmin connect. Lancashire plodders , feel free to join.

    And running in the middle east!! well done rick!


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