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  • I'm doing Cartmel Paul - they are fantastic events. did the one at Christmas with mulled wine and mince pies at feed statons.

  • city fan wrote (see)

    I'm doing Cartmel Paul - they are fantastic events. did the one at Christmas with mulled wine and mince pies at feed statons.

    Was that run over the same Cartmel course ? I know they do the sticky toffee pudding run. If it was, what did you think of the course City Fan ? I'm also doing the Coniston Marathon in July so this is training in the build up to that which I can't wait for. Read such good reviews about the Marathon event

  • Christmas one was only 10k - which was slightly different than sticky toffee one.  I've never done the Cartmel 18k so looking forward to it.  Done most of the events (but not the marathon - although I did 1/2 last year - they are all excellent.  so far in Cartmel and Hawkshead - I generally do challenges as more relaxed pace

  • was getting jealous of you lot and all the races you were doing, so Ive entered the Liverpool half!! - Should get my motivation levels back up!

  • Yes SJPC14, doing that one too..great race

  • Hi everyone. hope your runnings going well.ok im asking for advice again lol. been running a tr now.did preston marathon and enjoyed it. im thinking of getting a treadmill. Do you think their good for you or not? Im running at 8.20a mile.but cant seem to get down to 8min miles.
  • Ah good, not just me then Nicola...I am not sure if i am at race fitness level, but i am going to do the Preston park run this weekend, i think, and the Blackburn winter warmer, next weekend. So that should help somewhat, will be  tough six weeks ahead!

    Have you done Liverpool HM before then ? What is it like.

    Hi Rick, treadmills are ok, if you cant get out and run, but pounding the streets is much tougher and therefore better training than what you would get with a treadmill. Your probably, better just joining a gym and using the treadmill there once a week and that way you can do some leg weights as well. Oh when you do use a treadmill make sure you set it to have an increment, of at least 2.

  • Yes, doing Blackburn winter warmer too!

    Liverpool half is a great race, very popular so it's quite busy with lots of support around the course. The toughest bit is the mile and a half coming back along the seafront/promenade it's completely flat but if it's at all windy, that part seems never ending. The finish is great though and makes it all worthwhile. Good luck at Blackburn hope you have a great run.


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I ran Blackburn last year, the digest 1-2km is all uphill. A bloody steep one at that!

    Although I may run it myself again this year. image
  • Are you Nicola lol thats funny! and now ive seen your profile, i see your local to me, which makes sense. So I will probably run into you then! - Excuse the pun! - Da Dum Tsssh!!! :P

    Thinking of not doing parkrun this morning with the ice about hmmmm, i will go running, but i dont want to be racing on it and i will end up racing if i do parkrun. I'm i being over cautious ?!

    Hi matt "The digest" is that a hill on the Blackburn course? I have heard its a tough route! and all off road ?

  • Had a really good around accrington and blackburn first think this morning. did 15mile run in 2hrs 6mins. lot of rain but still enjoyed it.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Haha. Meant to say first not digest. Think it's called buncer lane. You head off the track at witton park then head up the path to the road the turn left and run up the hill.

    What goes up must come down though eh?
  • It is a tough hill I will not lie!

    Did the fell relay from Witton Park on Sunday, boy was that tough, had some navigational issues and it was seriously muddy. My legs are refusing to go downstairs now as the pain is immense. Hope they recover for Sunday.

    SJPC14, do you run with a club?

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I also ran in the relays on sunday. I lead on the first leg and the Blackburn harrier in second was guiding me down the hills! it turns out we ended up taking a wrong turn on the descent and missed a couple of 100 metres of the course. image just before i got to the top of the field on the descent there was a group of runners coming the other way! It turns out they completely missed the second climb out and ran about 3/4 mile shorter. image

    Great course though.
  • lol it sounds like written park is quite entertaining, the running sadist in me, fancies doing it!!

    Unlucky about missing a bit out there matt, always a tad annoying hey!! Sounds like the could of done with more marshalls.

    I didnt do park run on Sunday, i hid from the ice instead #chicken. But got through 12 on Sunday, so was happy with that. Currently contemplating going for a run tonight. Miserable weather but then as my brother inlaw once said its character building conditions.....



  • All signed up for Blackburn, although ive taken it easy this week, just one four mile run. However, planning on going for a six miler tonight.

    The weather forecast is for snow, so that a be a race first for me and many others im sure. Still sound make it that little bit more interesting on the day!!

  • Did my six, took it slowly but was pleased to have done it.

    Liverpool Marathon cancelled, thats seems a real shame!

  • SJPC14, will look out for you tomorrow, what will you be wearing? I'll be in black and white Trawden stripes and wearing a black cap.. Hope the weather is ike it is today. Don't fancy that big hill in the snow !

  • Oops, not looked on here for a while. Nicola- I'm still undecided about Standish Hall, although I know I should as it's so cheap and local, but it would be my first trail race. I might wait and see what the weather is like and then enter on the day. 

    Is anyone else doing the Maddog 10k in Southport tomorrow? I am not looking forward to the chilly coastal breeze that is forecast. I did do parkrun this morning, but took it nice and slowly so it shouldn't have tired me out. 

    I've also just realised it's only 6 weeks until Liverpool HM- hopefully I'll be ok as I've been getting my long runs in and I still have 2 10 milers and a 12 miler to get in before the day. I don't think I'll be particularly fast, but that's not really important to me. Was sorry to hear about Liverpool- I know people who did it last year who loved it. 

  • Morning all!!! Hi Nicola, sorry didnt check the forum last night and ive not decided what to do with. I think perhaps my Hell-Runner shirt as its quite a warm one and FYI its red!

    The weather seems ok here in South Ribble, but working in Blackburn, i know once you go East, the weather can be very different to here!

    Looking forward to the race and will keep an out for a black and white striped woman in a cap. If i dont see you, good luck, i hope you have a good race!

    And good luck to anyone else doing a race this morning.

    Morning Penguin, I am doing the Liverpool HM too, with a couple of my long run training partners, so i am sure i will see you there and yes not long now hey!!

    Not sure what happened with the Liverpool Marathon, i heard, it got cancelled because they couldnt decide a route!! Which seems really crazy and real shame for anyone that was going to run it.


  • Did the Blackburn winter warmer. Didnt see you Nicola, although there were a lot of women from your running club there, so I thought best not to ask each of them if there were you.

    It was a tough 10k, in fact id say it was the hardest 10k course Ive faced yet and people really do understate the hill at the beginning lol - Still it was a good job I had done the Longridge race in December, as the training for that put me in good stead for this race.

    I came in at 43.32 which isnt a PB but given the course I am quite pleased with that time and although, i did wonder towards the end if i could PB, i knew really that it was beyond me, but i gave it a good go and thats all you can really ask of yourself

    Would i do this race again.....Yes - tough course, well organised, nice finishing on a running track and some great scenery along the way.

  • I should also add, I think the threat of disqualifying people with headphones in was a hollow one, as there were loads of people running with them in.....but hey oh there risk i guess.

  • I should also add, I think the threat of disqualifying people with headphones in was a hollow one, as there were loads of people running with them in.....but hey oh their risk i guess.

  • Hope Blackburn went well for everyone. Maddog 10k in Southport was good, although the start was delayed which was frustrating. Thankfully the wind and rain weren't too nasty to us and I was chuffed to take 3.5 mins off my PB and go flying past the 60 minute mark despite an awful stitch halfway through. And it was nice only having to hobble another half mile to the in-laws for a brew! 

  • Hey SJPC14, glad that you had a good run, I was pleased with mine, 44.26 which isn't a pb but it's only about 50 seconds off which considering the mountain we had to climb wasn't too bad. We all diligently put our ipods away but you're right, others were still using them. Think something noisy could have helped with Buncer lane! 

    Good run for you too Penguingirl, my team mate mentioned the delayed start, but was treated to a pre race massage...can't be bad! Hope it's inspired you to register for the Standish race! 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    The winter warmer last year was the first ever 10k I entered. I ran 36.16 and was hooked from then on. I still remember that hill which is why I opted for the burnley park run instead. It proved to be a wise decision as I equalled the course record. image

    I've just got my place in this years Ben Nevis race too so it's not been a bad week.
  • wow get you matt!! very impressive going and a course record to boot!! Well done sir! And Bn Nevis!! Ouch! Make sue you get some good pictures on that one hey!

    You moved up to HM's yet, if so the Freckleton HM course record hasnt been beaten since the 1960's so there is the big local challenge for you top runners.

    44.26 Nicola, you must of been just behind me, we probably even passed each other once or twice he he Thats a good time, with that course and yes that hill!!! Goodness me, i didnt expect that or the many other hills lol - Makes longridge look like an easy option!!!

    And pre-race massages at Southport!! Now you tell us!!!


  • I think you could even get a post-race massage too, plus the goodie bag, t-shirt and medals were the best I've seen.

    I've still not signed up for Standish Hall... contemplating going to get some trail shoes today as I've been thinking about them for a while (as Standish is very muddy at the moment!)

  • I think i did the wrong race lol

    I would only buy trail shoes if you intend to do a few trail races a year. But if your only going to do one or two, its not worth it really.....well in my opinion any how lol

  • I think I just like buying shoes... and want to avoid doing any work today

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