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  • Afternoon all!! And yes you did miss ParkRun Lou and as you've guessed i was there for a change. Although, i think maybe doing a blood donation on Thursday may of affected me, as i couldn't really push on, but i kept under 22, so i was happy with that.

    Sunday morning, im off doing a 14 mile section of the Preston marathon route :

    Started cutting down my miles as Liverpool is coming up, so just done 3 runs this week so far.

    Well done on your Pb Nicola.


  • Aw sorry I missed you SJ, we never seem to go on the same weeks!

    I did my 10 miler kicking and screaming yesterday as I didn't feel in the mood for it, but actually about 6 miles in I started to loosen up and enjoy it. I went along some trails and then through Haigh hall in Wigan and then back along the canal.

    I'm looking forward to getting Liverpool HM out the way, I've not particularly enjoyed my training for it this time round as it feels like it's been a battle against the weather plus I've had a lot on with work. I think once it's done I'll probably give racing a miss for a while and just concentrate on enjoying it a bit more. I have had a bit of a boost though as I found out last night that I got parkrunner of the month so get a free pair of trainers from sweatshop which is exciting!
  • Hello all, since I have moved back to the MIghty North West after living away for 29 years and a new runner starting in June 2012 after enterting the Freckleton Half Marathon and finishing in 1 Hour 47 Mins and 11 secounds. I have entered it again this time with some training image My first focus though is just to do a Marathon without any structured training. Naughty I know image. But I would like to use my Marathon as a base line for Freckleton Half Marathon and finish under 1 hour 40 at least. But I will be racing on 10k's now and then. I feel I could break the 45 minute mark but would love to breat the 42 Minute mark by the end of the year. My dream is to break the 40 Minute Mark for 10k, Half Marathon 1 hour 30 and York Marathon (last one of the year) 3 Hours 30 Mins. After that I will only do one Marathon a year.

    So I hope you do not mind me saying hello and look forward in exchanging running tips and idea's.


  • Oops Sorry I forgot to Mention the Manchester Marathon on the 28 April 2013.


  • Lou, you were ParkRunner of the month!! Thats fantastic well done, see all those PBs came good hey! image Im pleased for you and yes we've not been to the same one for a bit, i think its because you keep going to the wrong ones he he :P I'll be there this Saturday.

    You could always move to just doing 10ks for a bit, if your struggling with HM training. Im pleased its going to rain over the next week days, as hopefully, that will mean Liverpool will be dry #FingersCrossed

    And the run you did, sounds really good. (The 10 miler)

    Hello travelling Runner, your more than welcome to join our board and post whenever you want!

    The Freckleton HM is a great race, everyone should run it at least once! Not sure about your plan to do a marathon without any training plan mind....seems a tad risky to me.Try the book "Advanced Marathoning" its well worth buying

    Your goal times are the same as mine...Where do you live ?


  • Hello SJPC, I live on the out skirts of Bolton. To behonest I am struggling with time, because of my life style. I do not have every weekend off and also mid week time off is not recovered when I do work weekends. So most days I travel from Bolton to Manchester. So I have to make do with some runs between the traveling to make the most of my time management. I now know what it like if you stop for a 2 weeks and then try to catch up the miles back. Cant be done sensibly really. I did a 16 mile run without doing any big distances for a month so I took it steady on 155 Heart Rate, steady 9 min miles on a hilly course. So I am hoping I can at least do Manchester just under 4 hours. I would take that deal with the type of training I have been doing. I still have 8 weeks before the date.

    I like to feel the Mental Challenges too, so being pushed out my traiing limits (in running any way) as you know the better middle distance runner you are the more power you loose. image It how much I want to loose) coming from a Judo and Wresting background. It sounds silly but I enjoy having explosive power I see it as a security blanket in some way. I have learned there is no hiding places in Marathon Miles, you have to get on the road. Laughing I am now looking like a stick insect. So it would not be the distant I would stay at once this Marathon is done. 

    Lastly thank you for the welcome image 

  • No need to thank me Traveling Runner, the forum is for all.

    Marathon is a tough distance, ive only done three and it wasn't till the 3rd one that i properly enjoyed it. It does take a lot of hours hard work, but you get there in the end. You will go through some pain though, but once you crossed that finish line and had a think about what youve done, your be proud of yourself.

    If youve got 8 weeks training to go, i bet you could pull off an online training course. Try googling "Runners World Smart Coach" , 8 weeks isn't ideal, but its better than no structure. One thing you should do it try and get in one run of a least 20 miles before the day. Your up to 16 miles, so thats a good base. Try and cover a min of 20-30 miles each week (Over the seven days) and that should get you round at the very least. One thing also , is not to push it until you've at least passed the 20 mile point, no matter how good you feel.

    You can still keep your power, but your need to throw in some interval training, hill repeats , perhaps even give your local ParkRun a go, you can then do a fast paced 5k a good few times over the next 8 weeks and that should keep your pace from dropping.

  • Well did make parkrun yesterday, as wasnt ready in tim, but got out for a five miler. Just now preparing for a 12 miler. My last long run before Liverpool.

    What is everyone else up to ?

  • 31 mile bike ride me.over and aroind burnley then up over pendle hill gut busting that lol.around ribble then home to oswaldtwistle.getting ready for easter sunday 53 mile pendle runnings on back burner till then .
  • I did parkrun yesterday which was good, although I got a stitch again which was annoying so it slowed me right down. I'm hoping to get a 7 or 8 miler in this evening, but we'll see- it might be postponed until tomorrow. And then I'll be resting up until Liverpool.

    I'm a bit gutted because I've seen there's a HM in Southport in July which as the town I grew up in I would have liked to do, but I have 4 exams 2 weeks before it so don't think I can handle training on top of revision! Maybe one for next year though. 

  • 31 mile bike ride rick!!!! Damn thats good.

    Sorry about your stitch Lou, not sure anyone has a real solution to them, ive heard putting pressure on the area helps.....

    And in regards to Soutport, yes put your exams first image


    Been trying to PM you about Sunday but for some reason it wont might be me....

  • I did the Stan Bradshaw Round on Pendle last Saturday which is a fantastic event (for all of £4) fells and some steep climbs in snow and dodgy visibility, brilliant!

    Looking forward to Liverpool on Sunday, good luck penguin girl, hope you have a great race.

  • hey your at liverpool too Nicola ?

    that sounds like a good event for just £4 when most races costs are shooting up


  • Gosh Nicola, you seem to have a race on most weekends! Good luck on Sunday, let's hope the weather isn't too bad for us.

    SJ- I have pm-ed you so hopefully it has worked! 

  • Hey penguingirl, i can read your messages but every time i sent you one, it says that i have not wrote a message argh!!!!!!!!!


    Send me your No. and i'll text you

  • It did that for me too, but I then went back and it worked when I tried again. Will message you my number tho!
  • thanks got it!!! image


    My race number is 6700 for the liverpool HM on Sunday, if anyone else is doing it wants to say hiiiiiiiii

    I only ran once during the week and it was last night, six miles. As ive just been so busy!!


    Good luck to everyone doing a race this weekend.

  • weather says cloudy at the moment, lets hope it stays that way!!

  • Good luck everybody whos racing tomorrow.lets hear some good times on here for you again tomorrow.for me..
  • Good luck everyone, hope the weather and the wind are kind to us. Hope your feet are light and your legs are strong! See you at the finish and look forward to reading your reports x
  • How did everyone's races and biking go ?

    I did Liverpool half marathon this morning and i can confirm that myself and penguin girl completed the race. It was a good route, some narrow parts mind you, but a good crowed turned out and the weather held.

    Not sure about my official time, but my watch said 1:35:01, which is just outside a PB, so I'm satisfied with whatever the result as my last HM time was around 1hr42.

    Only negatives, perhaps they needed more marshals as runners were running all over the show and also the parking. On the official race pamphlet, one of suggested car parks were advertised as being £2.50 all day. However, it turned out this was only after 9am and as the race started at 9am no runners could actually park at that rate.

    But saying that, I'm glad i did it, it was a good event and I enjoyed it.

  • My official time is out, 01:34:58.......a PB by just 2 seconds, I mean a PB by a 2 massive seconds!!!!

  • That's great SJ! A PB is still a PB, no matter by how much. Makes my 4 min 9 sec PB seem a bit keen.

    Seriously tho, I had a great morning. I thought the route was nice and varied although a few obstacles at times and the cobbles nearly killed me. Plus we were so lucky with the weather, I don't think we could have asked for better. Big thanks to SJ's dad and friend who were fantastic at pacing me, and they really kept me going- particularly for the last few miles when I was struggling (and tantrumming slightly).

    I'm now shattered as my OH dragged me out on a muddy walk as he wanted to test his new walking boots, I thought he was going to have to carry me home at one point!

    Hope everyone else had a good Sunday!
  • top show sjpc14 and penguingirl. fantastic running. sounds like you had a really good day there.i always seem to pick not so good races lol. my biking was 43 miles in total. with very large climbs over bacup moor then over to pendle hill.had to ride through a massive snow storm over bacup moor, im going to get some running in this week before last bikeing before my bike race end of month then its a hm at blackpool again week after bike ride.and to think it all started abt 15 month ago to lose a bit of belly lol. anyway good running sj and penguingirl,

  • well done Lou, 4 minutes off is fantastic, i thought thats what you meant at the race, but wasnt sure he he - But 4 mins off its brilliant!! - And yes the cobbles and obstacles made for an interesting race he he

    The walk will help you remover i bet, they do say to keep moving. Saying that, ive done nothing all day!!! And yes my dad and friend john, said you helped them too. I think it helped you were all at the same level.

    Thanks Rick and well done on another massive bike ride!! I saw all the snow on the hills when we were driving home! Crazy, its March!! And well done on the weight loss, ive always imagined that to be hard going.

  • Great day out at Liverpool half, really like the new start, seemed very well organised. Chuffed to bits to finish in 1:33:07 which was 4.5 minutes better than last years time and a pb by 35 secs. Really emotional watching my fellow runners cross the line, some amazing costumes! Well done everyone, we'll sleep tonight!
  • Wow that's a great time Nicola two people with improvements by 4 minutes!!! And three PBs, a good day out for the Lancashire Forum lot.

    And there was some great costumes out there he he

    Well done again image



  • Wow, that's a great time Nicola- well done.

    Hoep everyone's legs were better than mine. SJ, I was cursing your dad and John for making me run so quick as yesterday I could barely walk because of my hamstrings, but thankfully today they are much better! Might go and get my new trainers from sweatshop on Thursday to take on my hols with me next week image

  • lol oh dear!!! i Hope your legs are better!! What trainers you going plum for ? And get some good fashioned rest next week, no running! and no park run this weekend and im sure your hams a be back to their best after that.


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