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  • ShivaShiva ✭✭✭

    Had a great, but bloody tough, run over wiswell moor to the nick o'pendle on saturday.  The wind and the snow made it tough going but beautiful views.  Wimped out goinng over Pendle though!

    How was everyone elses runs this weekend?


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Been up pendle today. Gale force winds made it an adventure! At the trig point when waiting for some back runners we had to lay flat to the ground as the wind was so strong.
  • Pendle in a blizzard is a scary experience mattl, nearly lost at least 1 child up there!

    I dd the Goal-den girls 10k in Blackpool, went really well for the first 5.5 miles as I was running second to my superfast team mate but then the wheels really fell off in the shape of the recurring trapped sciatic nerve which gives me a complete dead leg, right down to my toes.

    Finished 4th, time a bit rubbish but now it turns out that the race was actually 6.6 miles due to a course marking error so the time's not so bad now.

    Have been to the docs this morning, he wants an MRI scan on my back and has given me some strong anti inflammatorys. Boston Marathon 3 weeks today so hoping for some miraculous cure now. image

  • lol matt you crazy guy!! thats some wind you had!!

    Nicola, its true you really do seem to be racing every week! Finishing 4th though, with injury thats very impressive. Well done you. Although, i hope things calm down in time for Boston (btw well done on getting in that) Just do nothing at all for one week. You should be fit enough to complete the race by now any way, 3 weeks before being tapering time. Then in a weeks time see if you can manage 2 miles pain free.

    Ive been lazy and not run since Liverpool HM - But ive entered the blacksticks blue 10k, so looking forward to that. Not sure what April race to do yet. Torn between the Catforth 7 and the Fleetwood 10.

  • Ive got my pendle witches 53mile bike ride next sunday.hoping this winds gone by then.then back to running for blackpool hm on 7tnh.hope im ready.not done much running this month. might have to end up trotting that one.think i should give my bike to someone and tell them not to give me it back till ive run a marathon lol
  • At least cycling uses similar muscles as running so you shouldn't be to badly affected rick.

    Your have to let us know how it goes. you wearing a head cam ?

  • No not got a head cam.might be interesting to get one truth i need to get off bike and do a lot more running.some massive hills on race so should still be a good hoping for around 3hrs my 25yr old son to hang onto lol.hes as good on bike as he is running.he only beat his old dad by 3mins though in blackpool hm lol.hope everyones got some good running over easter.
  • Well thats my ride out of the way.54 miles in 4hrs in a nasty day though over the fells. and wow never knew how nice it is around forest of bowland. now to get myself ready for blackpool hm next rides off now for a while need to get some miles done running.the 54 miles looks good on my runkeeper though lol. hope easters been good for everyone.
  • Hi All,

    Newbie to forum,earlier this month I did silverstone half marathon in 2hrs 2mins, not bad for a 54 yr old in his first race I think. I'm now in training for the Chester half in May, hoping for a sub 2 hour. I do all my running round Rishton and Blackburn area 4 days a week and do some cycling.
  • Welcome in ossy and do a lot of my running on the canel through rishton.a good run for u is through blackburn by road and get on canel other side of blackburn and also a mid 50s runner starting last yr.i love it now.u will soon be under that 2hr time.if u have a road bike a good ride is to sabden and up pendle hill.anyway welcome.
  • Hi Rick,

    Cheers for the welcome, I have a few routes mostly 6 or 7 miles and one 13 miler round Blackburn via Brownhill Preston New Rd and Whitebirk back to Rishton, just starting out on bike only done about 10 miles tops so hoping to get plenty of rides in this summer, might bump into you sometime.
  • Hey rick well done on your mega cycle!!!!! And good luck for Sunday goodness me, your another one that never stops hey!!



  • Gosh you lot all make me feel very lazy! Well done Rick, at least you had the good weather for it and Bowland is lovely (although it's been a while since I went up that way).

    Well done Paul on your first HM- I am half your age (well I will be after my birthday next week) and 2 HMs in you are 3 mins faster than me, so definitely a time to be proud of.

    Hope everyone's getting out and enjoying the sunshine- I've not been out since parkrun but hopefully will do a middle-length run tomorrow and parkrun again on Saturday, although it'll probably be slow as I'm booked in to give blood tonight.

  • Still no running but seeing a neurosurgeon on Saturday, hope he has his magic wand ready! Flying out to Boston in 7 daysimage

  • Fingers crossed for you nicola hope docs got good news for you. a good weekend penguingirl for running for u.its nice out.hope park run went well.ive also been lazy with my running.not done much over last cpl of weeks with getting ready for that bike race.blackpool hm tomorrow for me.might have to do it as a jog rather than a run.see how i go then maybe try run 20 mile next sunday then make my mind up if to do last min entry into manchester marathon.good running ppl.
  • how did it go nicola ?


    good luck on sunday rick, its a lovely day today for running, i went and did the park run this morning, a great start to the day

  • It makes a nice change to run in this glorious weather, I was on the road at 6.30am this morning doing an 8.25 miles run in 1 hr 13 mins, enjoyed every minute of it, that's 30 miles covered this week. Touch wood everything going ok for Chester HM next month.
  • 6.30 am wow thats impressive Paul!!!! Well done you!! I keep dreaming of getting up that early to go running, one day, one day...... lol

  • I prefer running at that time it's nice and quiet and not much traffic.
  • yes running when its quite is nice in a way and early morning is nice, esp when its sunny.

  • slowly waking up and having my breakfast in time for a 12 mile run.....its another sunny day so im really looking forward to it.


    Challenge wanaka on 4, looks an amazing setting for a sports event.


    Good luck to any one race and have a good one anyone who is out running this morning.

  • I did some cross training this morning and did a 15 mile bike ride, a good work out, it was nice and sunny and all peaceful, Heaven lol
  • Just back from blackpool . half marathon was a good one.plenty of crowds about giving good support. i didnt pb but got 1hr 42mins. got to be happy with that cos ive not done any running in a month cos of last weeks bike telks later in race when u havent been putting the miles in though.hey but how nice is it to run in the sun image
  • Well done Rick, I tried to get in that one but left it too late.
  • Ah wekk dine Rick, thats good going considering what you were doing the week before.

    I have still not booked a race for this month thinking about the Fleetwood 10 Mile. Any one done it before ?

    Any yes the weekend was good weather for running, we just need this cold wind to drop and then it a be good times.

    I am already looking forward to watching the London Marathon and its still two weeks away.

  • Need some advice friends.ive not done much running last 3 months.but done loads on my bike.ive done 2 half marathons.last one being last week.i did a 10 mile run last nite.and am planning a 21 mile run sunday.i really want to enter manchester marathon on 28th april.whats your thoughts on me doing it plz? is it silly to try do you think with not doing the weeks and weeks of training? the 2 half marathons did hurt me but i ran them a full min a mile under my normal pace time. my thoughts are to slow down and try run it at my normal 8.30 per mile.really want manchester race. HELP lol
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    My advice would be to leave well alone. To not do much running for 3 months and then jump from a 10 mile run to a 21 mile run is silly. You'll end up with an injury. You could well end up spending the summer on the treatment table unable to run or ride your bike.

    Why not build up your your mileage gradually and aim for an autumn marathon? Just entering one at the last minute with hardly any base mileage and training is asking for trouble.

    I've entered the 3 peaks race at the end of April, built a solid mileage of between 55-65 miles a week since early January. 20 milers off road at the weekends, two speed sessions during the week, running twice a day during the week and after reccying the route (23 miles) it left me unable to do a track session last night.

    you've got to respect the distance.
  • I would go with what matt says rick. The marathon needs sixteen weeks focused training, for the event itself , starting from a solid base.

    You could maybe do it and get round, but it would hurt and might put you off marathons for life.......So hold fire and maybe look for a marathon in September, if you really want to do one this year. Again matt does advice this.



  • Gutted.i did expect this could be the advice i would get back.and think i will take your advice sadly.serves me right for not putting the miles in over winter.thanks anyway guys. i will prob target chester in sept then.dam that bike of mine lol
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