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    The first race I ever entered was Edinburgh marathon in 2011. I thought I'd done the mileage over the previous 4 months and I although I'd done a few 16/18 mile training runs I only did one 20 miler.

    On the twenty miler I took a bottle of lucozade and a pocket full of jelly beans and ran it in 2 hours 15 mins. Brilliant I thought, I'm going to run sub 3 hours in my first ever race. I went through half way in 1.27 and felt good so thought I'd try and up the pace to give me a bit of scope if I tired.

    17 miles onwards was the worst experience I've ever had. I must have stopped to walk 30 times, I nearly took a lady out at the drink station as I tried to grab a bottle. I ended up led on my back with a spectator helping me with cramp in both legs. I literally watched a 1000 people run past me from the 17 mile point. I ended up hobbling over the line in 3 hours 30.

    I've definitely learnt some lessons from that experience.
  • My first marathon was all Edinburgh (Must be a good one for first timers) and like matt, i too had only done one twenty mile run.

    I came in at the half way point only one minute slower than my HM PB and again like matt the later half of the marathon was a struggle. I think from the 20 mile point, it was more of a shuffle than anything and I came in at 04:13....i had thought id make 03:30 at one point!!!

    Since then ive done London and Preston marathons and in preston i finished in 03:48, so getting closer to what i want. I think it takes a few marathons to truly get to grips with in and i certainly found my third one went how i planned it and i managed a strong finish, two minutes ahead of my best hope time.

    In training i had four 20 miles and one 22 mile run, so that probably helped too, but i do still think it takes a couple of goes at the distance to get into the groove. Race wise in the months running up to a marathon dont do anything shorter than 10 Miles is also good advice i think.

  • I did a lot of 18 mile plus runs leading up to the preston marathon.i was going along well ahead of time upto the 18 mile mark then after that i had pain in joints that was killing times dropped off from that point.i conned myself telling myself it was the wind and rains fault lol. was still happy to get home in 3.43mins. i know in my mind with a flat race and no wind or rain i can do 3.30. will hammer hills and canals round here over the summer.has anyone done chester marathon?
  • the weather was terrible at Preston, at lot of runners nipples suffered big time!!! lol ouch!!!

    You need need to work out a good pace plan rick and try and stick to it, that way you get around how you want. Thats what i did at Preston, although apart of me feels maybe i held back too much, but then i am still pleased with the result so its all good.


  • Well guys i went out and did my 21 mile run. the wind was a knocked my time down to 3hrs 5mins. No pains in joints and legs feel ok now.i know in my heart i can do this manchester run.ive a marathon behind me. 2 half marathons in last 2 month. 54 mile bike race over fells. 50 every week riding to work. and i refuse to stop later in runs then acid dosent attack my i want that medal so much. if i thought i couldnt get round in under 4hrs i wouldnt think about it. come guys back me plz lol. hope everyones had good runs this weekend.
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    Entirely up to yourself Rick. Im just off the belief that when I do a marathon it will be to achieve the best time I possibly can. I can't understand just wanting to get round.
  • I've not done a full marathon yet, I've got my second half next month then I hope to do a full one, my thoughts will be to just get round without stopping.
  • 21 mile run well done rick, i did just 12 today, in the rain and wind!! Typical that the weather finally warms up and it rains!!

    I would go with matts advice, but if you really want to do it, then do it. You could always wait till next year you know lol

    Hello Paul, im guessing your planning on doing a marathon soon based on your post.

  • Hello to everyone,Been a long time since I have posted from home, away working means I missed the Cartmel run (my first one too)image been training whilst away and now its going to be in at the deep end with Coniston Marathon. Niggling foot injury which I posted in health forum holding me back a bit now. Jealous reading about everyones brilliant races but just wanted to say and well done to everyone, hope I can join the list come June

    Rick, my experience travelling and from playing sport (not running) is the world is full of people who against all odd's accomplish amazing things and defy everything to do it. I think it trickles down into everything we do so if you think you can then know you can and do it dude image

  • Runswithmoobs.....great user name. And coniston marathon hey, your have let us all know what thats like.

    Sorry to hear about your injuries....nothing worse for a runner.

    Same about that kid at brigton hey! 23!! Crazy.



  • I just read that, very sad especially so young.

    User name changed from paulgardner16, since I had time to think of a new one

  • Sad news about the Brighton runner, condolences to his family.
  • lol i thought i didnt remember you, i thought how did i forget seeing that user name!


    I know, cant believe it about that guy , based on his age. I know it can and does happen....sad times.

  • Cant believe the news from Boston!!!! Hope no one, knows any one taking part!! Its a sad day for the world of running

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    Nicola was running Boston. Hopefully she's safe and sound.
  • Hi - sorry never posted on this thread before but just wanted to assure you that Nicola and her family are safe and well. I'm sure she'll be along to tell you in good time, but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your concern image.

  • God yes, so she was and thank you Tiny Runners 85 for the update and no need to say sorry this thread is for any one and time.

  • That's good to hear that Nicola and her family are ok, thanks for letting us know.

    I guess it's just horrid knowing that others in Boston aren't ok. The news last night was awful.
  • THanks everyone.  Being a fellow Lancashire lass I'll probably join in with this thread, as you seem like a good bunch image.  But it just feels too trivial today to be chatting about training and racing considering what's happened.  Feel so empty today.  I'll pop back along at some point. Take care.

  • It certainly was Lou, i was in shock about it , i just could believe that you would do that and then shock turned to anger.

    Your welcome any time Tiny R and we pleased that Nicola is ok, she not just one of us on here she is one of our running community and i doubt there is a runner in the world that wasnt annoyed and saddened by what happened.

    Lets all keep our fingers crossed the London lot and hope its well.

  • Had a nice run around Southport after a work event, i ran on the beach for quite a bit, until i hit the pair, and that was hard going and then i ran long some sand dunes on my way back, which cuts my legs up lol so yer.....lesson learned there!!

    This is routhly what i ran, but being lazy i didnt bother mapping hte beach or the dunes, just the roads along them, however, if you run it your clearly come across entry to the beach and i doubt your miss the dunes along by the lake :

    I also ran along the grass along marine drive, rather than the pavement, just to make it a tad harder, Does anyone else tack;e greass verges  or is it just me ?

    Any who, thought id share the route, just in case anyone else fancied taking it on.

    Ive now entered the Fleetwodd 10Mile, is anyone else running it ?

  • Ok mind made up.ive entered the manchester marathon cant wait now. a field of 8000 should be a really good my son running as well with me so thats made it even better for me.hes 6 mins to catch my pb of 3.43 image
  • Nice one Rick, best of luck and dont let your son catch ya image

  • I am entered for the Fleetwoood 10M.

    Focus this year has been away from marathons and main aim is to get some good times from 5k - 10 miles. Been training pretty well since December so looking to get a good time at Fleetwood. Luckily getting in good practice running in the wind!

  • Well done Rick, i hope it goes ok so good luck to you and your son for that one.

    Hello Max! I'll to let you know my number if i find it out before hand and say hello...

    Yes the wind is quite strong down that way, i found that out on my run around Southport yesterday and when i did the Windmill run a few years ago. Should make it interesting. Are you based on the coast ?

  • Your Southport run sounds good sj- you're brave tackling the sanddunes. If ever you fancy a long run around there you can continue along the beach/coast road up to formby to see the red squirrels. I used to do that on my bike when I was younger.

    Good luck with your marathon training Rick! Hope the weather is better than last year's (which made Preston look dry).

    Fleetwood sounds a good race- at least coastal ones are always flat. My next race is unexpectedly the Manchester 10k as I won a place. I'm going to officially start my training again tomorrow at parkrun as I've had a bit of lull.

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! It feels like spring might actually be here.
  • Red Squirrels, why didnt you say sooner :P he he - Well if i have a meeting down that way again, i will take your advice. It was a nice run, but tough going on that beach and grass section and yes the crazy ssand dune experiemnet he he, but im sure it will do me good

    Manchester 10k hey! Im put off by their crazy stages starts, but as you won a place why not hey!! So how did you win a place ? Are you parkrunner of the month again ? :P

    I am not at parkrun today, which any minute now, your find out. I swtiched my long run to today as i could watch the full marathon show. #Loser

    Hope everyone has some great runs this weekend.

  • Off to do the Ribby Hall triathlon this morning. Hoping the rain holds off until I finish....
  • Good luck simon. hope everyones had good runs on this nice day.i got my last big run in before manchester next week. got a good 16 mile run done in 2hrs 15mins and felt good at the end.fingers crossed now ive got enough done.chilling now and enjoing london marathon now.
  • Just been watching London marathon and decided to register for it again to see if I get in this time.
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