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  • Well, the rain didn't hold off but I had a great race and did it quicker than my target. Swim I found unusually uncomfortable but I may have got a 5k pb in the run. Waiting on he results...
  • Well done Simon- hope the rain wasn't too bad for you? It was fairly heavy but short-lived here. I didn't get out today because lazi-itis kicked in, but did do parkrun yesterday albeit not with a great time. 

    I realised you weren't there yesterday SJ, hope you had a good long run and enjoyed VLM this morning. I won the Manchester place through a facebook competition they had- all you had to do was enter your email address so I figured it was worth a punt. They do have stupid waves- last year I misestimated my time (having never done a race before when I entered) so was in the slowest wave which was full of walkers and was really frustrating. So I've put a more generous time this year as I'd rather be the slowest in a fast wave! 

    Paul you are brave for considering it! I keep joking I will do it, but knowing me I'd get a place and have no time for training. Maybe 2015... But then part of me thinks enter anyway and I'd defer. Obviously not telling my OH this as he would definitely ban me from entering! 

    Glad your long run went well Rick and you're feeling ready for Manchester!

  • Keep trying Paul, one of my friends has been turned down a few times but its worth it, for when you do get in. You could always try the charity route ?

    Well done on your tri race today simon i hope you get the 5k time you want and hats off to your for doing a tri, something which i am sure is worth doing at least once. Well done on your last run rick, just maybe have 2 or 3 short easy runs this week and then your good to go.

    I did enjoy London today Lou, i watched it from 9 to 16:00 h:P although i was doing some course stuff at the same time, so it wasnt a wasted day. I have heard the waves at the Manc10k can be annoying, but it sounds like youve worked out what to do. Nothing worse than standing around waiting to start a race. I feel for those guys at the back of London waiting 15 mins to start running, but then ive heard some people have to wait 30 mins at the Manc10K!! crazy!! My long run was good thank you 14 Miles and the weather was perfect for it. image Now on a rest week before the Fleetwood 10Mile, planning on doing just two 4 miles and a 3 mile.


    Hope Parkrun went ok for you, although it sounds like you took it easy again. I might put in to be a marshal next week, not sure....


    I am tempted to put in again for London next year, i have done it once before and every time i watch it i think god i want to do it again!!! It really is great, anyone who hasnt done, put in for it, you wont regret it. Although it will mean a lot of hard work.

    Which reminds me, i really need to find a marathon to do this year, not got one penciled in at all!!


  • I'm thinking of attempting to get ino the ballot for London next year. It opens a week tomorrow I believe.
  • Yes it does simon, April 29t, enter as soon as you can. I dont think it makes a diference mind you.....but what the heck hey!!!

  • Hi all image

    Well finally went back to parkrun on Saturday after about six weeks of missing it due to either having little niggles or just being lazy.  I was rewarded with a shiny new PB so that's motivated me to go a little more regularly.

    Loved watching the London marathon yesterday - I was tracking my club mates using the website and had the finish line on the red button on the tv so managed to see them all cross the line.

    Having a go at a spinning class for the first time ever later today - I think I'm about to enter a whole new world of pain!

  • SJPC14 wrote (see)

    Well done Rick, i hope it goes ok so good luck to you and your son for that one.

    Hello Max! I'll to let you know my number if i find it out before hand and say hello...

    Yes the wind is quite strong down that way, i found that out on my run around Southport yesterday and when i did the Windmill run a few years ago. Should make it interesting. Are you based on the coast ?

    Not on the coast but still get a few coastal breezes along the Ribbleway which is my often run route from my base in Longton. Eldest daughter is rehearsing for a show so lots of my runs have set off from Preston this year and the Guild Wheel has been well explored!

  • Hi Tiny, Do you got to the Preston ParkRun or another one ? And yes ive heard spinning is hard going, but worth it im sure.

    Guild Wheel hey Max. ive only run that once, when they had that running event on it, i found it to be a challenging yet enjoyable route.



  • Burnley parkrun for me.  It's quite a tough course but it's great when you visit somewhere like Heaton parkrun which then feels much easier!  Must give the Preston parkrun a try one day.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I've only ever ran the parkrun at Burnley. Its a lot better now there's paths for the majority of the route but the little inclines can really sap your energy.

    are you running the burnley and pendle grand prix Tiny? A steady week of tapering for me ahead of Saturdays 3 peaks race. Hopefully it doesn't ruin me as the grand prix starts a week later.
  • Hi Matt

    Yeah I agree about the paths, it makes it much easier.  Running up the Avenue 3 times is pretty tough, but it definitely makes you stronger! You should give Heaton a go.  It's still quite hilly but it's only one lap and a flying downhill start.

    Unfortunately I'm away for the first GP race but I definitely want to have a bash at all the rest.  I'd only just started running last summer so it was a bit daunting to attempt GP races as a new runner. I'm really looking forward to Hendon Brook image

    Best of luck for the 3 peaks.  I did the challenge a couple of weeks ago, but only walked it.  Going up Ingleborough was a nightmare due to the amount of snow and ice, but it will hopefully be nice and clear for you on Saturday.

  • We dont have little inclines at Preston ParkRun we have one big one near the beginning, so if you do come down bare that in mind #TopTip

    I do fancy trying other ParkRuns and also why does Blackburn not have one ? Witten Park would be perfect for it.....

    I often wonder with the rise of ParkRun will it be the death of 5k runs ?? What do people thing ?

    3 Peaks sounds a great challenge!! Your have to let us know what its like you guys.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I don't think it will kill off 5k races. It's been going long enough now and the entrance fees to a 5k isn't that much.

    I ran the 3 peaks route a couple weeks back in training and its a cracking route. Hopefully it doesn't take too much out of me and leave me unable to have a crack at the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix. (Hendon Brook is must for anyone looking for a challenge.) I ran it for the first ever time last year and came third so hopefully improve on that.

    My training will be then focussing on trying to improve my 5 and 10k PB's.
  • i guess time will tell, i imagine 5k runs will see a drop of in take up though.

    3rd place at the 3 peaks, thats really impressive matt!! Well done.

    I am sure your bring your 5 and 10 k times down, do some speed work, that should help.


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    No I was 3rd at Hendon Brook. Haha. I wish I could come 3rd at the peaks. image

    I normally do two speed sessions a week but since I ran Salford 10km at the end of march, the recce of the peaks, recovering from Salford and the long runs have meant that its been neglected. Looking forward to getting back to normality once its over with.
  • lol well its still impressive matt!!!

    yer, needing time off or to ease off to recover can be frustrating but it a be worth it when your body fully heals and you get back up to full training and then your times topple. So think about it that way.

  • Reading about everyones runs and triathlons makes today doubly gutting. My ankle problem has been diagnosed as posterior tibial tendon damage from past injuries playing rugby. Having treatment to try strengthen it but they reckon its way past that and an operation to repair is most likely outcome. Had it strapped by physio and supported to run 6mile trails this aft. The lungs and body felt great and ready to do another 6 but the ankle didn't image. Has anyone ever had this operation ? Know about recovery etc

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    So frustrating being injured. The longest ive been out has been 6 weeks. Hope you get it sorted and are back in full swing as soon as you can be.
  • Marathon race number came in post park booked.a nice 7 mile run last nite.all set to go now.really looking forwards to sunday now. if it goes well putting in for chester in sept when i get home.gutted for you moobs. hope u get sorted out and back out running mate. good luck mattl. have a good race.
  • Thats a real shame Moobs, im sure if you search around the net your find information about it. Try you might find someone on there that has had it.

    Nothing like that feeling when your number arrives hey Rick, then you know its finally time.

    I did an easy 4 mile last night ahead of my Sunday 10M race and will do the same on Thursday.

  • I was thinking of a run thurs but not sure if its too close to race day. legs are fine after 7 mile last booked on veladrome next sat then i might go for burnley 10k start of june.
  • your be ok to run thursday rick, just dont go too far or fast. East Short run.

    On the week that i did the Preston Marathon, i had run on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you manage it correctly it is of benefit to keep running, as four days with out running will cause your fitness to drop slightly. So easy runs about a minute per mile slower than race pace, short distances 3 - 5 miles and your be fine.

    What is the Burnley 10k like, ive noticed there are a few races over that way these days but have yet to venture over.

  • I picked a leaflet up other week abt is runforall i think
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Not running for 4 days will have absolutely no effect on fitness. The idea of tapering is so that when your training has reached it's peak, the following 2 - 3 weeks of tapering are where you're body and muscles are recovering and storing glycogen so that come race day you're ready to go. Just a steady jog each day will keep the legs ticking over and even put some strides into one. If I was racing Sunday I'd have Friday off and jog Saturday.

    The burnley 10km isn't exactly PB friendly. At the 5km point the race is up pike hill which is a significant elevation gain from the start point in the town centre.

    What goes up must come down though. image
  • Well i am just going off what ive read in the Advanced Marathoning book, but if you are carrying on running without a break any way, then it shouldnt affect you at all and youve nothing to worry about.

    I guess if you have four days off excerise and as a runners your eating up the carbs then it would have some affect on the body.

    Pike hill, your the second person to mention that to me this week. With hills i usually, just try and pace myself up it and then use the downards to gain on or pass those who have thrown their all into getting up the thing.

  • Hi All,

    I did the 13.2 mile run this morning and got a PB I knocked over 6mins off my previous time and got 1hr 55mins 40secs, I'm pleased with that, as it was a fairly hilly course.

  • Well done Paul- is your HM in 2 weeks? I hope you didn't push yourself too hard today and have a nice restful taper so you get a good time at Chester- nothing more gutting than peaking too soon for a race! 

    Rick- good luck tomorrow in Manchester. Hope it's a good day out for you and it doesn't hurt too much! 

    Is your 10miler tomorrow SJ? Good luck for that. 

    Hope everyone else is having a good running week? I did Preston parkrun this morning and have realised that after a run of 6 PBs out of 7 in September/October last year it has now been 6 months of no progress. So that's definitely something to work on over the summer! I think my pre-run Friday night dinners/ drinks may contribute to the poor form as I am feeling quite lightheaded/ a bit deyhdrated when I run even I've made sure I had a drink and a snack before I go. 

  • Hi penguingirl, yeah, Chester in 2 weeks, no I didn't push too hard today it was a steady pace, I've been doing some good training and will taper steadily ready for race day.

  • Hope Matt had a good run out on the 3 peaks race today.  Well done Paul, sounds like you're on for a good time at Chester.

    No racing for me this weekend and have been a bit lazy - missed parkrun today as had a late night last night and was a bit hungover, bah. Well done for making it to parkrun penguin.

    Good luck to anyone racing tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get up nice and early and enjoy a long, slow run image

  • Hello Lou, yes my !0M is tomorrow so i ducked out of ParkRun and had a lay-in. Sorry to hear youve hit a rut time wise but you had been busy with Uni and you did take a bit of break so that would of had an effect. You should try and get in a long run each week and a speed session and then hopefully your time will come back down.

    Well done Paul on your time and good to hear your going to be tapering , as the Penguin is right , it would have a negative effect if you didnt.

    Thanks for all the good lucks for those not races, try and get in a nice run tomorrow.

    I have had my pasta and am now hoping to get to bed early, but as i slept in till 10 today, I should be up on my sleep. Just need lots of water this evening. Bit nervous, my PB is about 1hr 12mins so, will aim to beat that if i can.


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