right where do i start, football and running is my passion in life! but injury always gets in my way!, i have recently had a mri scan on my right knee and my doc said i have a torn ACL and a torn meniscus..also the scan says i previously tore my ACL couple of years ago but i didnt think my knee was that bad before. i was wondering if anyone could help me with exercises to strengthen my knee and muscles around the knee  before surgery. it doesnt hurt that much but only when i try to run or bend all the way down.

right more problems couple of years ago i broke my ankle and i went up to 16 and half stone (what a joke) then i lost 4 stone by running and football but now i have flat feet right more worse than the left, i think i maybe had flat feet before i lost the weight, i just didnt notice but i have had problems with m ankles for years!

well i heard a saying "it all starts at your feet"

ive have quite alot of time on my hands now so i want to make my legs as bombproof as possible i will do anything to become injury free! i have a gym across the road from me, i have foam rollers anyone can help i will be very grateful!






  • Talk to the gym saff and see if they can tailor a prog. Leg raises, squats, lunges (Carefully) leg presses all help. Been there meniscus wise and they all helped.

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