Ealing Half Marathon

I've just signed up again for the Ealing half again. The website says the course will be changed slightly this year so hopefully my time will get faster! I'm doing Brighton half for the first time too, so it will be interesting to compare the two. Is there another half in London?


  • Run to the Beat is in London too. I want to do Ealing this year as well - heard great things. RTB has mixed reviews, so it depends what you're looking for?
  • I'm biased as I run with Ealing Eagles but this is a clip of EHM from their 2012 photo reel, which shows the feel of the course really well. I think they're planning to extend the course to include another of the parks this year.

  • There are half's in Richmond and Croydon but I haven't run either of them.


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I'm going to give serious consideration to this. Having first heard about the race from the friendly Ealing Eagles while visiting the Gunnersbury Parkrun I'm very tempted by a trip to London for the occasion.
  • I'll be entering this again. It was a cracking race last year, especially for a first time event. Even a bar selling Pims at the end and a can of beer in the goody bag- what more could you want? image 

    I'm local and keep meaning to head down to Ealing Eagles so I might get there one day. 

  • I'm in!

  • Just watched the clip and it brings back all the memories from the day, brilliant. I'll be there again in 2013 too.

    Johnny1959 I can also recommend the Ranelagh Richmond half in May each year. Well organised event with PB potential, but the atmosphere won't be quite the same as Brighton or Ealing.

  • Thanks everyone! - I saw Richmond had a half too, I might give that a go in the Spring. Thanks for the clip paultom - that's how I remember it, the crowds were fantastic!
  • I can recommend both Richmond and Croydon - the former for the scenery and the PB potential, the latter because it's a small affair, doesn't go through the concrete parts of Croydon and is run by the very friendly local running club (I'm not a member, just noted how well it was run).

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