Cold, Wet Feet

Evening All,

Need a bit of advice if poss.  After riding ot for the past couple of weeks my toes have been freezing after about an hour so was looking to get something to warm them up a bit.  Seems there are 2 options, waterproof socks or overshoes - both about the same price (about £25).  Does anyone have any preference and what are the pros and cons between the two?


  • both??

    I often mountain bike in Sealskinz socks and overshoes and they keep the feet dry and warm - MTBing tends to be a bit wetter and muddier in winter than the road!.  on winter road rides, I wear winter socks (i.e. thicker and denser) and overshoes - yeh, I get cold toes still but it's not too bad.


  • overwshoes .best purchase ever

  • Overshoes -


    £15. I have sealskins but they just made my feet sweat too much for road cycling. 

  • there the same overshoes as i have Cougier image


  • Gore bike wear race overshoes for me. Tried sealskin socks. Didn't get on with them at all. The Gore overshoes are thin however they are great at keeping the rain out. Dry, cold feet I can handle but get them wet as well it's almost unbearable. 

    I tried neoprene overshoes years ago and the same as the skins I didn't personally see the benefit of them.

    You'll try something and hope it works. Some things like overshoes are you get what you pay for. Just hope you find something that works for you image

  • thanks all, overshoes it is image

  • just another thing to put in the mix - drymax socks, not as water proof as sealskin but to me they fit and feel better. they arent waterproof if you stand in puddles of water but i can run through puddles in them and not get wet feet - they are also breathable - for wet ultra running they are excellent so should do the job on the bike too. i only use sealskinz now when i know that im going to be in ankle deep water alot of the time. you can get them from ultramarathon store dot com or whatever tis called, plus they are a third of the price of sealskinz - i still use windproof overshoes as well for biking though


  • Merino wool socks and neoprene overshoes.

  • If you want warm then look for thicker neoprene - the Ozzo ones are 3mm (sure others are too) - it makes them a bit tighter to put on but it makes a difference - especially with a wool sock over your shoe but under the overshoe - just cut a small hole for the cleat.  The hi viz ones are very very visible too as your feet moving draws attention to them.   Your shoes make a massive difference too - if you are wearing summer type cycling shoes with mesh bits for ventilation it's not ideal.

  • I've got some old neoprenne booties from my windsuffing days, just cut a hole for the cleat and they keep my feet warmer than normal overshoes

  • I use my MTB shoes for the winter - they're much sturdier than my summer road shoes - as pops says - not all mesh and vents. Bung overshoes over the top and I'm good.  Don't do shoes up too tightly or wear too thick socks - if the foot is cramped then it will get colder.
    And I think pedalling a lower gear in winter helps with warmth too. But thats just my pet theory. 

  • holgs.i use merino wool socvks as well....image

  • thanks for the advice all. and thanks Cougie for the link. cheapest I've seen image. now on order.

  • Endura neoprene overshoes warm feet all winter
  • I use merino socks and some cheap over shoes from Aldi or Lidl for 10 quid, they work quite well, feet have stayed dry so far.

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