Advice on running shoes - different pair for long distances?

Hi just looking for some advice.  I have now started taking running seriously, and i currently use the minimalist Brooks Mach 14's.  I have started upping my milage with a plan of running a 50 miler some point next year. 

I have read the Brooks Mach 14's are good for mid distances, and was wondering if i should get a different pair of running shoes for my longer distances?  Does anyone else do this?  I was thinking doing all my shorter runs (10 mile or less) in my Brooks, but getting a different pair for the longer runs.  Anyone have any thoughts/experiences on this?  I really like the Brooks, very lightweight and good to run in, i just don't want to risk injury in them if they are not designed for 20+ miles at a time.

Thanks for any advice, Matty. 


  • I just wear anything cheap. It's all the same, unless you're brain washed.

  • Hmm my Mach 14 are the XC spikes, I wouldn't do anything more than XC race or some track sessions in them,

    Do they come in a spineless version?
  • I wonder if that means SPIKE-LESS...? 

    Lots of people are moving towards the Hoka shoes as they give good grip with great cushioniong without being too heavy.  I've not tried them, but hopefully this comment will flush out someone who has for you. 

  • lardarse wrote (see)

    I just wear anything cheap. It's all the same, unless you're brain washed.

    Presumably you're lucky enough to have one of those bodies that doesn't get injured easily. I'm not sure that qualifies you to advise normal people !

  • My Mach 14 are the spikeless version yes.

    Thanks for the replies, and thanks PSC i will check those out. 

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