Bootcamp Rejects 2012

Hey Fellow boot camper!

Well today we found out our fate, but are we down hearted NOO (Ok well yes a little but we will pick ourselves up and carry on!). as I said on the other thread we are all winners! if of nothing else we have more knowledge, along with a very nice T shirt and a pair of socks!

So what are we going to do now?? for me I'll book on to Manchester I recon! I already have a 20 mile race in March!

What are you guys going to do?


  • I booked a place on the Paris marathon back in October to get a cheap place so I shall be stalking the lucky five! Hope one of them is aiming for a similar time to me then I can follow their plan. ha ha

    If you do Manchester I might come and cheer you on as its only down the road and it should be organised better this year!

    Don't forget we got a nice book and a sweatband in our goody bag!

  • I am going to bank running a marathon for a while and concentrate on a half. Looking at doing Reading again next year along with my 2 brothers as we've done it before!!

    Tonight I am consoling myself with red wine and Xmas decs!! And Mr Buble belting our some festives songs image

  • Stan the book was included in the knowledge!! May have to still look into Paris.n As for Manchester.... would you really spot me??

    RunnerNC I'm loving your vibe, Christmas Dec's I'm holding off until Sunday afternoon with 'Elf' film on the tv.

  • Time to enter Paris, of course!

  • Humm well I'v looked and although would love too,at what £90 ish not including travel and accommodation, I not so sure I can afford that sort of trip! not really fair on the family! I think my marathon abroad days are a few years away yet!

  • what are you people talking about? image

  • Next challenge dude! whats your thoughts?

  • I didn't make it too!

    never mind. I am going to do my first marathon still next year at Chester and get a few half one in before then.
  • Not that I have done many marathons but Chester this year was awesome the atmophere and support were brilliant!

  • Green and white tigger wrote (see)

    Not that I have done many marathons but Chester this year was awesome the atmophere and support were brilliant!

    I was out supporting chester this year. the course is right past my house.

    how did u get on?


  • challenge after WHAT?!

  • After not getting through to the next stage for the Asics Target 26.2

  • After being rejected after boot camp! the Asics Target 26.2 competition

  • Lisa I loved it! Sang alot out loud! haha clearly we are post posting at the same time!

  • ohhh sorry.commiserations. onwards and upwards, what? image

    carry on.

  • what group were you in on friday?

  • I was in group 4!

  • Green and white tigger wrote (see)

    I was in group 4!

    Ha ha me too!

    Did u have green top, blonde hair?

  • Oh yes indeed!!!


  • llanelli marathon in april is a great one and cheap if anyone is in south wales areaimage.and any spring marathon will let you follow the lucky 5......

    or you could try your luck wirth the forum 5/6...............that will start in a week or teo.there will be athread where everyone can state their running history.where they are now and what they are hoping to achieve.............

    you have got to be doing a spring marathon somewhere.anywahere.................and some mystery person reads them throuhg and picks out the winners and then matchs them to one of the volunteer forum mentors.....

    they then have their own thread to discuss traing and ideas and paces etc..

    so no free marathon places or new shoes but you do get some great support and guidance.......and most years the unofficial 6 have been more succ4ssful than the official onesimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    hope you don't mind me invading.. but I'm really interested to see what everyone is planning next. If anyone is doing the Llanelli marathon please let me know...I will come n cheer! I'm lucky enough to have the route as my regular training groundimage
  • Did anyone decide on their challenges? Off to Paris on Saturday for the marathon. See if I can spot the asics 26.2 gang.....

    Did you enter the Manchester Marathon Green and White Tigger?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I'm doing Snowdonia marathon in Oct. image

    good luck in paris RTR
  • Hey anyone fancy the TR24 we have places in our team that need filling!!

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