Triathlons in the East Sussex area?

Hiya just wondering if anyone knows of any triathlons in the eastbourne neck of the woods? or if there is a list of them anywhere? olympic distance preferably,

Many Thanks!


  • Try the British Triathlon Federation website. They hv an event finder section

    (Sorry,can't do links on iPad)
  • I think there is one in Bexhill ... FB's your man  image

  • Hi Harry

    There are an increasing number of tris in the area (I'm also in Eastbourne and am a BTF official - aka referee) 

    Two in Bexhill - Bexhill Lions tri in June (standard and sprint) and Bexhill Tri in August (sprint) - both sea swims

    Sussex Triathlon in July - - held at Ashburnham Place near Battle - sprint/standard/middle distance races. lake swim

    Bewl Triathlon in August - - Bewl reservoir near Wadhurst - sprint & standard. lake swim

    Rye Triathlon in July - - actually at  Winchelsea Beach not Rye. sprin & standard races. sea swim

    South Coast Tri in July - - Seaford. sprint and standard.  sea swim.  long established event (my 1st tri back in 2003)

    Brighton Marina Tri in September - - obvious location!  sea swim.

    Worthing Tri in July - - long established event.  sea swim

    there are a few others around "inland" at Crawley, East Grinstead, Ardingly etc

    enough info for you there???  image 

    I will be competing in a couple of them and refereeing at others - PM me if you need any more help

  • Thank fat Buddha that's great! I'll be sure to pm you if I need anymore triathlon based help! image
  • Harry - I note from another thread that you're 16.  so I assume you'll be 17 next year which means you can take part in standard distance events, but not longer than that until you're 19.

    I'd also suggest that (assuming you aren't already a member) you join Bodyworks Tri Club in the town as they have a very active junior section and you'll get a huge amount of benefit from the club in your training

  • Brighton Marina. Must do that again, great event.

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