Weekly Distance?

Hello all,

I run about 60-70km a week at the gym, to stay fit really and because I love to run of course, and once a week (beginning of week) I make sure I run a half marathon distance. Height wise I'm 6ft 4, slim build.

I don't run anything earth shattering for the half, but stay under 1hr 30mins.

The problem is, fitness-wise I'm fine, I dont feel like I'm pushing myself anymore, but the pain in my knees is really annoying, they just feel like I'm doing too much and by the time I've run 22km on a Monday night my knees hurt for the rest of the week. (I only have Sundays off from running.)

I dont feel as though I could push myself anymore doing the half distance unless I stopped the distances I run during the rest of the week and rested, then I guess my knees wouldnt ache so much.

Does anyone have any advice? Am I doing maybe a bit too much for my knees weekly? My running technique is good, fitness is good, god only knows how you full marathon runners cope image


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You're running a sub 1:30 HM every week!?! On a treadmill!?!

    Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and cut back the mileage for a little while to give your knees a break.

    Rather than increasing distance, go outside and find a number of different routes with some including hills etc.  This will give you some variety and a slightly different challenge.



  • Agree with stutyr! get outside.
    blimey apart from the lack of variety in the muscle useage, it would drive me potty to be on a treadmill for more than 10mins.
    Its a lot more fun outside! image

  • Ditch the tready, run outside. I run trail every day in the rain and wind and sun and love it. Then your calves will get a proper workout and other muscles as well.

  • stutyr wrote (see)

    You're running a sub 1:30 HM every week!?! On a treadmill!?!

    LOL! No wonder your knees hurt. Tready running is extremely repetitive - you tend to land in exactly the same way with every step, meaning the same muscles and tendons get stressed in exactly the same way each time you land/take off.

    Get outside - trail running preferably to give your joints a bit of a break but even road running would be better than constant treadmill work as you have to work round kerbs, steps, slopes potholes and pedestrians.

    t t 12 wrote (see)

    god only knows how you full marathon runners cope image

    We don't race a fast one every week! image

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