Prague Half Marathon

hello! was wondering if anybody is planning to run the Prague Half Marathon 2013? I have visitied Prague this summer for the first time and felt in love with the city. Now would like to come again and try running a race there. I have heard some good comments about the race, the organization and seems the races is going to be sold out soon. Can anybody share the experience or give some advices? thank you!)


  • I ran it about 5 years ago. It was a very flat course from what I remember, with cobbles in parts (but not for any stretches) but support in parts of the course was a bit lacking. As that was a few years ago and it has presumably grown in size that might not be as much of a problem now though.

    Overall, I would recommend it and like you say its a good place to go and visit at the same time.

  • Hi Aligro.  I signed up for the 2013 Prague Half Marathon about 2 weeks ago. I think it will sell out quite soon. I know the city quite well, although haven't visited for a few years. It will be my first time running there.  I like that the Half  is on a seperate date from the Full. I ran the Amsterdam half in October and while I enjoyed it, and found it very well organized, the final part of the course overlapped with the end of the Full marathon causing some congestion in last few kms.

    I had reservations about the cobbled sections on Prague course, but if it's only for limited sections, just a few kms then maybe not too bad. Course profile looks to be quite flat and fast.  I'd also like to know more about the event if anybody else here has done it and wishes to share their experience?

  • hi all and thanks for the comments! i am really looking forward to it! i have already booked the hotel, which seems to be in the very city center: I am going with a few friends of mine so think we will have great time there. I have heard about cobbles, but don't think this will cause any problems, as according to the last year's best time - the course seems to be a fast one (if I am correct the time was only about 25 sec worse than the world record!). Hope it won't be too cold or windyimage

  • 10 weeks to go. I've booked the hotel,  central location... a walk from the start/finish area. I've been running fairly regularly in the last few weeks, but need to start proper training in earnest now!


  • i am also trying to keep training, but was not that regularly, i should say..image have to take it more seriously, really only 10 weeks to go image. seems the race is almost sold out so i am glad I have managed to register in time.. which flight are you taking?

  • Hi Aligro.  I will be in Vienna in the week before, so I will travel by train to Prague the day before the event and stay for the weekend.   Yes, I think the race will sell out quite soon. I will plan to do a 10K race or two between now and then.

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