Running Track in Luton/Harpenden/St Albans Area


Does anyone know of a floodlit track available to the public on an evening in this area? I spend a week every month down this way and need to find a track!




  • Anyone?

    I see there's a track at Westminster Lodge, St Albans but the leisure centre next to it apparently doesn't adminster the track and I can't find who does.

  • Can you get to Welwyn? I've used that in the day time and their directory indicates tue/thu evenings should be good:


  • Hemel Hempstead has a lit track....may be too far for you?

  • Thanks for that. I'm staying in Redbourn so Hemel's a good option.

  • Just seen this.


    There is a very nice track at Luton. My home track in fact image

    Much closer from Redbourn. It is at Stockwood Park so Redbourn side.

    M1 junction 10 or A1089. Either way you come to the spur roundabout at the bottom of the M1 off road. Head into Luton on London Road.

    Do NOT take the first entrance into Stockwood park. This takes you to the Golf club. Carry on over that set of lights and then take next left into Whitehil Avenue. go to the end and then turn left and almost immediatel;y first left into Stockwood park, Drive right down to the end of the entrance road and park in the car park. The track is 50M walk from there.

    You basically just go around in a circle. The post code of the house by the entrance is LU1 5EH.

    Nice track, floodlit. Hemel is possibly slightly closer but actually not a lot in it to be honest as the track in Hemel is in the centre.

  • Thanks BTB, I'll check that out too. Quite handy if I go straight from the airport.

  • I've used the Westminster Lodge athletics track before by paying at the golf reception. It was quite a while ago though.
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