How many infections do you typically get during a year? Including sore throats/colds/etc., as well as more serious things. I seem to lurch from one to another, and I'm trying to work out whether I'm usual or not!


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  • I tend to suffer in silence but since you ask...

    This year I 've had  6 weeks or so of coughing, chest pain, sore throats etc between September and November.  The workmate who I think "gave" it to me in September has just gone off sick again with a similar thing after apparently getting better.

    This is the first serious cold/flu type illness I've had since October 2011, and that wasn't enough to stop me running a marathon. The last one before that was January 2011.  I get the odd slightly sore throat or runny nose very occasionally.

  • Don't think I've had any ? (touches wood)

    If i start to feel rough I'll not exercise and sleep long instead. Seems to work for me. Are you overdoing things ?

  • I might get a sore throat/cold non debilitating type of thing twice a year. Last time I would say I was actually ill was 4 years ago (swollen glands in throat, couldn't swallow or talk, no energy to function, lost about 7lbs in a week).

  • Im on immunosupresents for Crohns and with 2 kids at school bringing home all sorts  from Oct - April last year I was on antibiotics 3 times and I dont take them lightly, I just cant beat everything on my own with these tablets and 4 colds.

    Drives me nuts as I struggle to get any consistency in the winter with base miles etc and as a result enter the spring not as prepared as a I should.

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    In the last three months I've had a chest infection, two bouts of laryngitis, a cold, two dental infections, a UTI and now another sore throat thing started yesterday (complete with white pus on my tonsils). I'm lucky if I go a couple of months without something... I'm thinking this isn't normal!  

  • Touch wood I am lucky, seem to be able to shrug off most things, even with a 9 year old son who brings stuff home!!!! Had a cold earlier in the year and I did stop running - mainly because I was due to race on the sunday - (didn't race as son wasn't well and neither was my wife and couldn't justify leaving them)

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    I had a cold a couple of weeks ago.  I think that was the first one this year.

  • Not many this year (*touches wood*), I had a heavy cold about six weeks ago but managed to shake it off in a few days.

    In 2009 I had swine flu (horrible, I was off work for about 2 weeks and could barely get out of bed for the first week) for the next 6-8 months I seemed to get every little sniffle that was going round the office, so I definitely think that if your immune system has been battered by a particularly nasty cold or flu virus it is easier to pick up subsequent infections.

  • At the start of winter I always get a bout of Pityriasis but it clears up after about four weeks. Generally managed to avoid flu but get colds and head colds like most.

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    I can't remember the last time I was ill.

    You do seem to be having a bad run of it Sarahimage I agree with xine267 it does seem to follow that if your immune system is low bacuase of one thing you're more likely to pick up something else.It's a hard circle to break.

  • I always come down with a cold in autumn. Other than that *touches wood* I don't seem to get any infections. I can't remember the last time I had something other than my annual cold.

  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)

    I tend to suffer in silence but since you ask...


    LOL !!!

  • Usually 2 or 3 colds per year. Earlier this year I had the added bonus of a nasty bout of diarrhea.

    Wikipedia reckons 2-5 colds per year is normal for an adult.


  • Sarah, yes, you're having more than normal. Don't think I've had any in the last 12-18 months...

  • mine always happens at christmas for some strange reason image just the sniffles or man flu as some may call itimage

    not looking forward to these next weeks!

    funny really as i work outside (well in a open workshop) and dont get anything all year, always getting hands dirty and eating with them etc, nothing!

    some say it happens when i wind down for christmas my body shuts downimage and the dreaded sniffles happens

  • I usually get a couple of colds with quite nasty chest infections every year. Bad enough to stop me running for a week or so but not bad enough to keep me off work. Just got over one now that lingered for over a month. Yuck! Apart from the twice yearly snuffling coughs I rarely get ill.

    Getting my tonsils whipped out was the best thing I ever did. In my late teens I used to come down with tonsilitis every 6-8 weeks which was just bloody murder.

  • I've not had a cold for four years. In the last six weeks I've had three. And bronchitis. My immune system is currently in my boots so snotty people, please sneeze over there

    Well away from me image
  • I used to lurch from one cold to another but since I've started taking 1000mg of vit c a day I haven't had a cold for about 18 months. ...touches wood.
  • Maybe one cold every 18 months. I'm not an OCD type image but I do wash my hands a lot with work, maybe that helps nuke any virals.

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