Tadworth 10M


 Does anybody know what the memento is for this race?



  • It changes every year and (in my experience) what if will be is normally a closely guarded secret.  The two I've done had a golf towel and an arctic buff as mementos.

  • Cheers! That's something diffferent image


  • I remember a hat, gloves and a 'bum' bag too*


    *Not all in the same year...

  • You are correct it is a closely guarded secret, but we try to obtain something that is useful.   Looking forward to seeing you all.   Lets hope the weather holds out and we dont get ice and snow, Ebbisham lane is a bit wet at the moment, but that makes it more fun dont you think?   But not a day to wear all those nice new Christmas pressies of running shoes, as if you would.   Entries are going well, we are up to just short of 500 at the moment. 

  • Surely Ebbisham Lane is a bit wet, translates to the bottom of the lane is a very large muddy puddle?

    No entry for me this year, but if the weather is nice I may pop over and spectate.

  • I run up Ebbisham Lane regularly, and recently it's been more like running up a riverbedimage

    The bottom portion is rather muddy and slippy, as is the bit in the woods when you come out of Down's Way Close, but I agree with GoS that it just adds to the fun....

    I still sometimes use the Flourescent Yellow vest that was a memento one year image
  • I got a winter buff thingy the other year, some momentoes are really useful and great, others not so. I like the idea of having a different one each year.

    Not been able to run since the summer but I know what you mean about a riverbed, I have seen that before and it does make it more fun, plus as a back marker I can see the whole road and pick where to put my feet as there is no one around. The lane is a good challenge and a marker for how fit you are, so once back running and able to do a reasonable distance I will give it a go.

  • Glad you have all been checking out the course.   Dont forget prior to the race we have a team that will dig out the sides at the bottom of Ebbisham Lane so that the water can run away into the fields at either side.   We will look after you all, and make the course as friendly as possible.

  • I'm in - for my 5th consecutive TT - and like Young Pup I still occasionally use that fluorescent gilet thing if both my hi-vis shirts are in the wash.

  • I had a recce run over the Downs and up Ebbisham Lane yesterday, the lower half has a lot of debris and low branches so should be interesting on the first lap.

    As GOS says its what makes the race though, anything slightly off-road this time of year becomes a challenge.

    Looking forward to it, great organisation and a tough race to begin the year.

  • any word on the likelihood of aggro from horse riders this year? could do without it, frankly...

  • Both years I have run it thankfully the weather been kind and the ground on the trails has been firm enough to get away with standard road shoes. I'm wondering if this year it's worth breaking out the trail shoes? 

  • definitely, chris...

  • Chris

    The bits that are properly off-road are very muddy and slippy at the moment, but there's not that much of them, and the rest of the course is either tarmac, pavement, or hard-packed paths.

    in terms of shoes, I think it depends on your trail shoe of choice, and whether you're comfortable doing 7-8 miles on pavement or tarmac in your trail shoe. I'm probably going to wear my normal road shoe for this, and just accept that for about a mile of each lap I'll need to take little steps and look out for the slippy stuff.
  • YoungPup,

    I think you're spot on. I'll struggle to fun fluently in my trail shoes on hard ground for 7-8 miles and I at least have some history of running slippy conditions on road shoes. Little steps and advance sighting should cover it. 

    As an aside, i've yet to find a good trail/road compromise shoe.

  • I've got Asics Gel Trabucos which I find OK on mixed terrain, and I've used them as all-rounders on walking holidays abroad (when it's not been realistic to take walking boots and running shoes in luggage). They've also done 26.2 on the South Downs marathon. I'll probably wear them on Sunday.

  • Chris

    The best trail shoe I've found are the Inov8 shoes, and I currently use Roclite 315s. I've probably done more than 7 miles on the road with these as part of a longer run, but on the whole I prefer to keep them for the really slippy runs over the Downs.

    Chillies - I used to have some Asics trail shoes, but they weren't quite grippy enough. Do the Trabucos cope well with wet muddy slopes?
  • Pup - I find the Trabucos fine on stuff like wet sand and general mud, but around Swinley Forest at the moment they're not up to the worst of the mud/floods, but I've not yet actually fallen over! I am mostly wearing a knackered pair of Adidas Kanadia TR3 in the grubby stuff, but to be honest when it's ankle deep nothing's going to work. The Kanadias were brilliant in the snow last winter, but I want to try on some Inov8 shoes to see how they fit - no good for anything like Tadworth though - too much tarmac

  • Does anybody know whether the race is full or not?


  • Sorry I havnt been able to comment on the above, but BT in their wisdom disconnected my phone line and Broadband and everything else.   I looked at the bottom of Ebbisham Lane on Thursday, there is quite a bit of mud about, but we have dug out the sides so any rain that might come will drain away.   The are one or two serious pot holes at the bottom of the lane, so caution is necessary.   Any tree bits have also been cleared away.   The weather looks fine for Sunday, in the morning at least, and temperatures for the race are just about perfect.  Although we have advised the stables along Ebbisham Lane that the race is taking place, if somebody feels that they really must take a horse out, there is not much we can do about it. So a bit of care is needed if you see a rider.  By the way they are not race horses, the racing stables do not train their horses on a Sunday. See you all on The Downs, Dont be late.  image

  • Martin, they have always had EOD as far as I can remember.
  • Marttin. According to our entry form we accept entries on the day between 09.30 and 11.00.at the Race HQ subject to the race limit of 700, As at 09.30 on Saturday 5th Jan. we have entries of 660.

  • Hi GoS

    I've been assured by our race director that there will be sufficient EODs for anyone who turns up wanting a place.

    At least we shouldn't be troubled by snow and ice this year!

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