late 2013 ironman in UK?

Is the Wales ironman the only late season event next year?

I would like to sign up for one but dont fancy Wales for my first one?


  • Challenge Henley ? 8th September I think ?

  • these are the latest IM distance events next year:

    • Ironman Wales (8th September)
    • Challenge Henley (8th September)
    • Hardman (15th September)
    • Horseman (15th September)
    • The Brutal (21st September)
    but for your 1st, I really wouldn't entertain any of the last 3 unless you do have a good few screws loose!!   they're at the more extreme end of the LD events
  • Hmm that Brutal looks interesting - and fairly local for me !

  • Ironman Wales is meant to have a "hurrendous" cycle so that just leave challenge Henley. image

  • Tough, but not horrendous, mate.

    The run's the f**ker imageimage.

  • Mention loose screws and up pops Cougie ! Teehee
  • Oi !

    Already booked in for Henley next year - but 2014 might be good for the Snowdon one. I see you need support crew for the last leg. I need sherpas !

  • If I was doing the half outlaw in June but then had to take a month or so off proper training for holiday purposes, would it be realistic to come back and train enough to still be ready for Wales or Henley?
  • What makes the run so bad?  The Wales ironman does appear challenging but then i you're not going to find an IM that isn't. image

  • I might be support at the brutal for a mate, looks "interesting"

  • sj - the run at IMW is basically 4 times up and down a hill.   surprisingly I didn't find it as bad as some others I've done and got my 2nd fastest IM run time there.  the bike's a real bugger if you're a big fella like me - those constant hills just take it out of you.

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