Challenge Laguna Phuket 2013

So after last Sunday's race, Ironman ditched this 70.3 because they couldn't make enough profit from the 800 entrants. I was gutted because a) I liked the look of the race and had pencilled it in 2013 race calendar. b) I'm quite a big fan of IM brand. Anyway, it turns out Challenge have picked it up and despite having two of my major joints in significant states of disrepair, I've taken the plunge and signed up. Anyone else in? Training tips for swapping minus temperatures in UK for heat and humidity in Thailand, next December, would be greatly appreciated. Although nothing that involved turbos in the sauna, thanks.


  • you need to seek out Iron Snorks - he's just done it and has signed up for 2013 as well.  he lives in Dubai so is used to heat training.  and he's a bit quick.....image

    he doesn't post on here often but Dubai Dave who does post more frequently could probably put you in touch

  • Cheers Fb. I'm sat in Dubai as I write this (just a brief visit). Who's handing out their addresses...?
  • Can anyone offer any direction on a good airline to use when shipping bikes out to Thailand.  We all no doubt experience this problem when trying to lug a bike box on a long haul flight (I did for IMFL 2011) but with a connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket and very limited / sub-standard bikes available to hire for the event, it looks like I'll be packing my trusty steed into small pieces and taking her with me (the bike too).  Any pointers would be gratefully received!

  • PRW - I've taken both MTBs and road bikes to Thailand without any major problems although some twat managed to put a dink in the frame of my MTB but to be fair it was inside a soft bag not a hard box.   we flew first time with Etihad (Abu Dhabi state airline), and 2nd time with Jet Airways (Indian airline) - both trips had internal connections via Thai Air (there are alternative internal carriers to Phuket I think)

    as long as you use a hard box I don't think you'll have problems with any of the main carriers to and from Thailand or internally.  when you arrive at Bangkok, your bike will need to clear customs and you'll then have to take it the length of the terminal to check it in for the internal flight (just one big terminal - or at least was a couple of years ago).

    check out the costs of bike box transport with each carrier as it can vary enormously which may bias which airline you fly with when you tot up the charges.  provided you travel on the same airline out and back - which usually involves a plane change en route - you pay one price.  avoid different airlines at changeover as that means double the charge for the bike.  and you'll probably need to pay a bike charge for the internal flight - again check the websites.

    alternatively, look at Thai Air, BA and Qantas who do a non-stop to Bangkok - but that usually comes at a premium price.

  • As always, very helpful FB.  I'll take a look at Etihad and Jet this evening.

  • there are quite a number of carriers who fly to Bangkok - check out flights on and - they usually come up wih the same answers but it's always worth checking both sites out

    Etihad and Jet had the best deals available for us when we were booking


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