Thursday session

It can't be me again can it?
what: 11 miles steady 1hr 25
why: mid week long run
last hard day: yesterday
last day off: Tuesday

It is another lovely day here in the far North! How's it with you?


  • Morning all – nice and sunny here in the North East :o)

    What: easy 4-miler
    Why: Last run before GNR

    Last rest day: Sunday

  • Lovely day in South West Scotland

    Club night 6/7 miles
  • Hello, it's really sunny here up in North East Scotland

    What : more eliptical training and cycling
    Why: foot still sore
    Last hard day:Tuesday

    Big run planned for Sunday so eliptical trainer thingy until then - boring !!!
  • Quite nice in Brum too.
    What: 5 miles steady this afternoon; Bodypump later.
    Why: Tapering. Terrible rest day yesterday - started off OK, but by the afternoon my legs were screaming for a taste of the road. Managed to fit in a walk/jog of about a mile before evening meeting. Must have looked a bit odd jogging in coat, skirt, flatties and carrying a bag, but it was dark.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Muggy and raining a bit in North London
    what: slow 2-3 mile walk run with missus last night.
    what: either speed intervals or 5 mile tempo not sure what to do tonight.
    why: Indecisive
  • Bright and sunny in Nottingham which makes me wonder why we're trying to move back to London!

    What: 30 mins steady run
    Why: getting back into regular running after a break following Robin Hood
    Last rest day: sunday
    Last hard day: did 1K of frontcrawl yesterday which was quite hard
  • sunny on Merseyside

    what: zilch
    why: knackered
    last hard day: Wed
    last rest day: Sat
  • mist just about gone - very sunny here in the Marches.

    what - club night - 2 or 3 with the juniors and then some more with the older people.
    why - oh why oh why ..... my head hurts its no mystery
    last hard - Tuesday
    last rest - Monday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Sunny in Inverness too.

    Pity I can't run. The blister is much better today though, so I may venture to the gym tomorrow, but stick to the bike/rower for CV work.
  • Morning all, lovely and sunny here too :o)

    AM - 5 mile easy
    PM - 9 miles steady
    Why: Mid week longish run
    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday

  • What a complete nightmare.

    Yesterday morning found me up at 6:30 to do an early morning run in Stockholm (business meeting). Felt terrible. Wife and family all ill now it looks like me too! Would probably run another event whilst sick - but a marathon? I'd be mad.

    What: No idea, likely to involve lots of sulking and mooching.
    Why: See above.

    Still at least Liverpool beat Spartak 5-0.
  • Morning.

    Sarcy1 - 11 miles before 8am ! not bad at all.

    What - rest day, lucky as it was chucking with rain outside this morning, so i felt quite smug.

    MikeS - not surprised your knackered afer looking at your Wednesday session !.

    Tim - sounds like you won't be hopping over the south downs on sunday after all.
  • Martin,

    last ditch hope if you haven't already done so - get hold of some Echinacea if you can and consume the max recommended dose. Also Vit C's. Just might clear it up enough for the weekend. Fingers crossed....
  • Martin, the thing you dreaded most! But you've got 3 days to recover; take a day off work if at all possible, negotiate sick leave from any domestic chores (you can make it up to her later) and REST. Really hope you're better soon .

    Gorgeous day in South Cumbria. therefore did:
    5 miles on favourite Xcountry route first thing.
    Why: too nice a day to rest, especially when the chance for a morning run in the week presented itself.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: Tues

    Doing nothing now until GNR. Except eating. It's a tough life when you've got to force down another toasted bagel, pizza finger and chocolate dessert.
  • Hi all, started a bit drizzly here in Southampton but its nice and sunny now.
    What: peak physique (weights class) at gym and possibly a run later if I can fit it in around work
    Why: Thursday is gym/weights day
    last hard day: Tues
    Last rest day: yesterday

    Good luck to everyone doing the GNR, and I hope you feel better soon Martin in time for your marathon
  • 5 miles tonight if baby number 2 learns how to sleep again.

    Martin - hope all goes well.

    Tim - are your legs pains post or pre new shoes?
  • WHAT: nowt
    WHY: scheduled rest day
    LAST HARD DAY: yesterday - speeed @ gym
    LAST REST DAY: Monday
    NEXT HARD DAY: tomorrow - hills/hells

    (As a very lapsed Catholic, I enjoy these confessional moments...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 5k time trial (18:11).
    Why: VO2max training session.
    Last rest day: Wed, Tues. Felt a bit tired after Sunday so decided not to run on Tues or Wed.
    Last hard day: Sunday
  • MartinH, sorry to hear that, I know we all live in fear of exactly that scenario in the final week before a marathon. I think the echinecea (sic?) is definitely worth a shot as Mike S suggests.

    What: 5K time trial + 1 mile quickish
    Why: Trying to get a good idea of what a sub-37 minute 10K will feel like (not pleasant if today was anything to go by!)
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: Monday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Martin I agree with the others on the echinacea. I was full of head cold on Sunday evening and started taking echinacea on Monday, 3 doses in the day, by Tuesday afternoon I was feeling much better. Then ran a PB on the time trial that evening. Not bad when several hours previously I was feeling lousy! Try it and best of luck.

    What: Nothing! I'm resting today and might just do 2 miles tomorrow with fast strides ready for Saturday's off road 1/2M.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Laura I believe you will beat 1.45-GOOD LUCK!
  • Had first quickish session since sunday. Went for a zippy 5 miler and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Tomorrow will have a rest, then go for 8 on saturday
  • What: Taught Body Balance and then did 45 mins on the treadmill, including an attmept at 30 mins tempo. But had to rest in the middle so not sure what you call it. Hard work though. And I'm tired tonight.
    Why: Why the eck not?
    Last rest: Monday and Tuesday
    Last hard: Sunday

    Treadmills? Now here's a thing. I always find I'm not as effective on them. Tonight I only managed 8:45km (slowed down and raised the incline), but I'm sure I'd cover more distance on the road. I also find it harder to get my HR up! Drew, what's that all about? Also, any ideas on long runs...oh actually, don't worry. I'd better work...
    Laura, I think you'll easily get 1:45, if not less...good luck!
  • What: shutle relays with the juniors (enough to get anaerobic) followed by 5.5 ish miles with the adults. Sort of informal fartlek with most of the efforts being on the climbs.
    Why: too normal club sessions - just lucky that I happen to get to do both.

    Followed by chips and beer (club pub night)

    First run this week because I too have had this coldy thing. Legs are tired now.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Snicks, I've got exactly the same thoughts on treadmills. I always run faster on the road, but it's good for recovery runs. I don't know about you but running on a treadmill is only enjoyable when there's a good looking girl on the elliptical trainer directly ahead of me.

    As for your HR - well you'll just have to increase the pace to such an extent that your HR increases, but a track's better for that.

    ...and as for the long runs - this weekend or next should be your last before Dublin but I'd be delighted to coach you for the 2003 FLM. 3:30 is well within your capabilities for next year.
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