Pain at top of shin, just under knee

Hi i have had slight pain at the top of my right shin, it only hurts when i press it, although i know it's there.  It's about 1-2 inches below the knee, on the outside of the shin.   Just wondering if anyone knows what this could be and how to prevent it?  


  • How old are you? Is it on the actual tibia bone itself?

  • I'm 26, and to me it feels like its the tibia, although its on the right side of it, can only press it when muscle is unflexed

  • Ah ok- if you were younger it could be Osgood-Schlatters disease (which I have) but that only affects growing teens.

    When the muscle is unflexed... it sounds like the pain is on your tibialis anterior muscle which runs down from the top of the shin and goes into your foot- which controls the way your foot moves. To confirm this, press into the point where it hurts and pull your toes up and if you feel a muscle pushing it away or something then I think I've identified the right spot. Otherwise I'm not sure. It's hard to tell without actually seeing it. If it was on the bone itself I'd suggest a stress fracture but if it's on the muscle I'm not sure- perhaps a small tear. I'd suggest seeing a physio before it gets worse. 

  • The Strickland Protocol has just been featured in Runners World but I think that is to treat kids and teenagers only, but you could ask Jenny Strickland on their facebook page 

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