Candid Camera Prank that could cause a heart attack.....

Watching this with mixed emotions.... Found it incredibly funny and clever up to the point where I saw some peoples terrified reactions.... Surely this could have caused a heart attack on some poor victim.... or the little girl could have to hurt.

Either way, think its a clever prank... just not sure about the health and safety around it...



  • Hi Elli, hows it going, I saw this trick and thought the same, some of the reactions were great though, try this one, another elevator trick, just as scary in other ways

  • Hi Elli, yeah, I thought the same.. Definitely not a situation I would want to be in, prank or not :S
  • not a very nice prank i must admit. what if that old lady had a heart condition or something? think how they would of felt if she dropped dead!!image

  • It's cheap crap TV.   Not that "clever".  I'm sure we could all sit in a pub and come up with ideas like this. Then it's a matter of applying the budget to making it happen.

    It's cruel. As you say, it could have caused a heat attack... and the adults might have lashed out violently at the child - and done enormous injury before anyone could stop it.  But mainly... I suspect that, to some extent, some of the victims may never fully get over the experience.  Even knowing it was a prank, that experience will scar them. Some might be a minor scar.. others, I can imagine, might be quite badly affected for years to come.

    You'd have to be inhuman not so let the dark-side of your brain laugh a bit... but really, it's not funny.


  • I got the impression all the people are actors.

    I have reported the video as inappropriate.


  • It's hilarious, and claiming it's cruel is utter bollocks.

  • It's hilarious, and great comedy, I certainly would not describe it as inappropriate. It is something we could all come up with, but they did it and it's a great result

  • It isn't hilarious, it's disgraceful and disgusting.

    Or it would be, if the people aren't actors. I think they're all actors. I don't see how you'd risk producing this without using actors, you could incur huge liabilities.

  • I think they might well be actors. I think there are certain shots, escpecially some of the close-ups, that can only have been done with camera that was visible. Even with a CCTV type static camera that you could move remotely, you wouldn't get such clean movements or properly framed shots.

    I'm also pretty sure that whatever the initial shock, after a few seconds of consideration, most people would realise they were looking at a very much alive little girl in make up rather than something paranormal. 

  • Also, if that's a girl, she would be at risk of being attacked if not killed if they aren't really actors. People would have the right to defend themselves against a "sudden apparition" as they see fit. Who's going to set up that unpredictable situation in an enclosed cage with a minor (if it isn't a dwarf) and take responsibility for the consequences, whatever they happen to be?

    They're actors. They can do as many takes as they want, choose the best ones, leave the crappier acting on the cutting room floor.


  • As ever, the most entertaining thing here is the youtube comments...

    "C'mon guys... he would not have died from a heart attack. And heart attacks arent that big of a deal now adays. Most people who die from heart attacks fie from people not getting to a Hospital fast enough. The people who made this TV show probably would have taken the precautions to have trained doctors of such near by..."


  • It's a joke and something to laugh at, nearly as funny as the OTT responses on here

  • Ffs... That wasn't funny, clever, scary. Just stupid. You'd have to be a complete retard to think a girl appearing looking like a reject from a 1980s pop video was a ghost, even if you could imagine there might be supernatural things in this world, ghost's, demons, god (what happened to the Vicar, did he see the light...again lol?) for me they would have to be see through and float through the wall, maybe reach a hand into my chest and pull my still beating heart out... not just see some little girl, how does that equate to an apparition? Wouldn't you just ask them where they came from? 

    I don't think they were actors though, just shows the medieval mind is alive and well.

  • Whoever thought that it was a good idea to prank people like this and risk causing them a heart attack should be taken down a back alley and given a good kicking.

  • They might die of a heart attack before you had chance to give them a kicking

  • every single prank going could be dangerous if the person reacts bad............this is no more so.......

    if its real then i would imagine the families have put them up to it so that they have done some basic questions as to the health of the individuals..........................

    in the end its just another prank

  • The video's been terminated now, along with the account into which it was uploaded. It says, for breach of copyright.


    Material viewable here though:


  • There's always one!

  • What is that supposed to mean?

  • Can't decide if it was staged and their actors or not. The bit where the last two women are in the lift one of them appears to see the girl and start clutching at the others arm while they lights are still out. If it wasn't staged and she could see her in the dark then surely some of the others would have noticed the girl entering and exiting the lift.

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