Road closure - direction of vehicle travel

We are having to apply for formal road closure this year. Whereas in the past where runners have shared the same road we have always directed vehicles to travel in the opposite lane against the flow of runners. However, the Council suggest that if we want to do this we should put cones along the route every nine metres, which would be very costly. However they have also suggested that if vehicles are directed in the same direction as runners but on the other side of the road around the route then there would be no need for cones. Can anyone offer any advice about this. What is the norm and does having runners and vehicles travelling in the same direction as vehicles work? 


  • Large groups of runners should travel in the same direction as the traffic as per the highway code.

    I have seen cones used in races, eg where there are two carriage ways and one has been segregated for runners only. This works well at the start of a race where the runners are still bunched up and taking up a lot of room.

  • Thanks for the comments. I must admit that I didn't know that the Highway Code had a rule about this.

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