I.D bands

I would like to get an ID waistband for safety whilst running so that my next of kin can be contacted if needed (hopefully not!). Can anyone recommend any companies that do these that they may have used? Many thanks.


  • Google Steve cram bands he has an excellent service but I can't remember what they are called
  • Try roadid.com. They ship to UK very quickly and are a widely recognised product.
  • +1 for RoadID

    this new one on me loks interesting as well - http://www.onelifeid.com/

  • another for Road ID

  • Me and Mrs S have got the cram alert:


    but others are available e.g.



  • Ice Tags are another option. Just a simple plastic tag with your info on it and if you're a Parkrunner, you can also get your barcode printed on the back as well.

  • I have an Ice id, very nice quality, Oh i should ad I have the Iceid Pro

  • I got a road if after being knocked off my bike by a hit and run driver on a deserted road last year ( bit shook up but fine ).

    I never run or cycle without it, just hope it is never needed. Great service, arrived from the states in less than a week.

  • Road ID, it arrived very quickly considering it's a US based company!

  • Got aluminium dog tag with name, d.o.b, blood type, ice info engraved on it. Cheap as chips.

  • +1 For Road ID .  Great service, easy to use website, many varieties

  • The only (slight) issue I have with these, is the permanance of them.

    If you change (mobile) phone numbers, for example, you have to replace the engraved/printed ones

    I know mines not as immediately obvious, but I wear a SOS Talisman

    http://www.sostalisman.co.uk/brochure.html  (standard one, top left)

    The paper strip can be updated (comes in packs of 5?)
    Granted, it's not as tough as dog-tags, but possibly an easier proposition to wear '24/7'??? (for normal 'day-2-day' activities, rather than just training/racing??)


  • gosport ID 

    sign up to this free site http://earndit.com and link it to your garmin/runkeeper etc

    once you have done about 3 runs you will have enough points to get a free ID band from the vouchers you earn,


    the rest of the vouchers i found worthless, but it was worth signing up for that, cost me £5 postage thats all.

  • Another for Road ID

    Very quick to send, normally within a week.

  • I went for the cram alert as it does not need replacing when I move or numbers are changed and you talk to medical help rather than a possibly hysterical next of kin taking the pressure off of the poor sole who is assisting you. 

  • Road ID fab service, i now have a range of colours!


  • +1 for Road ID... The last couple of years I've bought a new one each year and inscribed it with my "focus race" and the date on, i.e. this year the band is Green for Dragon's Back image

    Less than £20, shipped from the USA in under a week as others have said

  • I use a dogtag, but I always thought it would be good if the likes of Garmin included it on the strap of the watch or the heart rate chest strap.

  • Lå®Ð䮧€ wrote (see)


    Don't give Mike Ashley ideas. He'll be tagging us staff next. image

  • Any parkrunners can get their bar code on a credit card, key fob or wristband with ICE details printed. I have one for park run and a couple of key fobs attached to bum bags so I've always got something with me.



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