Amending a run on Nike+

Went out for a run last night & did about 9 miles. When I got back and checked Nike+ on my iPhone it said I'd done just over 5 miles.  The map showed it hadn't recorded the last part of the run.

Anyone know any way of amending this to show the full distance? 


  • Delete the run and contact @NikeSupport via Twitter with the details you have (distance actually run, time it took, the device you used etc) and they'll manually add the run for you. You won't have any of the GPS info unfortunately but this way, you don't lose out on mileage if you like the achievements on there for example.

  • Thanks for the tip. @nikesupport were great and added the run for me.

  • No probs. I've had to use it a few times, once because it recorded a 3 minute mile for me!
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