Snow is here.. time to spot those houses with poor roof insulation



  • Thanks, DV. I'm home during the day so can keep a check of what they are doing and using.

    We recently had a kitchen extension done and had no choice in the contractor as it was through a Disabled Facilities Grant for my son and they were such a bunch of cowboys. 11 weeks to add 2.5x3m to the back of the house and add a bathroom where part of the old kitchen had been! They tried to cut corners every way they could.

    The builder only does lofts and 90% of his business is word of mouth. He comes recommended through my son's school friend (well, his parents) and I've seen their conversion, so hopefully all will be well.

    I'll try to get a pic of the roof opposite tomorrow if it is still snowy, seems to be melting here.

    Seren - good to know.
  • I took this photo just a few minutes ago of that house that I use as an example...   despite the heavy snow yesterday and over-night, the heat loss from the roof conversion is already clearly visible...



  • Kelly, its good to get a word of mouth recommendation..   but remember, the cosmetic finish and 'what it looks like' is the easy bit.   The important parts are what is hidden..   have a flick back through this thread and see some of my other photos...  these things can be easily overlooked so its important you pay attention to what's happening with the construction while it happens.


  • Timeline of snow today...



    Then..   about two hours later..



    Then..   after another two hours...



    Then..  just now...  after another two hours approx..



    There you go...   heat loss before your eyes....    



  • Other examples I saw today...:























  • another two hours later...  compare this with the first one of the sequence...  its quite an obvious illustration...



  • The police also use this as a way of spotting cannabis factories
  • I read this thread then looked at my roof when i got home, thinking that i must have some good loft insulation as the roof was completly covered in snow........then i realised that it's most likely because the house is cold as it's a pain in the ar*e to heat due to no cavity wall insulation least the loft should be toasty!

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