Asics Target 26.2 please vote for Marcus Ryder

Hello everyone, I've been short listed for the Asics Target 26.2. Now is the time readers have to vote for the final five. I've never won anything in my life (which is one of the reasons I took up running, it's all about personal victories) but I would live to get through to the final 5. So if you have any questions about why you should pick me or want to know more about me here is the thread to get answers to all those questions. In the meantime checkout my runnersworld profile (along with the other PB hunters) here Listen to my audio diary about running here and check out some of my pics of running here To get the ball rolling though; I think The Wire was the best TV series ever and nothing beats wholewheat spaghetti before a race. I look forward to all your random comments and questions...


  • Hi to read you 150 words.....

    Hope it has some paragraphs in it.........the above it a bit of hard work to readimage

  • Hi whwere did you hear about the compettion and where and when did you run your 3:11 PBimage

  • Hi Marcus, I already voted for you in the PB Hunter Category so good luck image  but wanted to ask how you found running in Rio ? I really enjoy entering races abroad and having a run-centric holiday, but I'm not sure I could manage 26.2 miles in hot temperatures. I'd love to get some tips to overcome that because I've got the Las Vegas Half, Reggae Half and the Cuban Trail Marathon on my wish list!

    Also, do you think that training through the winter for the Paris marathon will present much of a challenge?

  • Hi seren nos

    Sorry about the paragraphs. I heard about the competition just by picking up the Runners World magazine last month. I know I say it in my little bio but I can't stress enough how everything is new to me and I'm trying to embrace it all. I'm not the kind of guy who enters magazine competitions, last year I'd never run a race let alone a marathon. So I'm just trying to be open to new things and learn along the way.

    I ran my 3.11 time in October in Amsterdam. Perfect conditions a lot of fun, but the top tip one of the Dutch runners told me to do is go to the Zuvier Spa the next day to rewind and reward yourself - unbelievable!
  • Hi xine267

    Thanks for voting for me. Just saying that makes me feel like an MP (without the expense account!)

    Rio was amazing. It's small, nothing like the numbers you get at London (which I've watched) or Amsterdam (which I've run), but I liked that - more personal.

    It is really well organised with water, Gatorade and food stations at regular intervsls. They also have samba nands playing along the route as you run! The weather was also perfect 13 degrees with drizzle, but we were lucky, the day before was 20degrees.

    Faster you are the better though, it started at 7am so if you're close to 3hours it's all good but if you are closer to five you are bag inning to run in the midday heat (which the day before would have been a killer)

    I really want to do the Reggae marathon as well because my m's Jamaican and I love the island. Would be great to have a group from Britain go out.

    With regards to training through the winter for Paris in the Spring I don't know what that will be like. But you've got to love Paris in the Spring (marathon or no marathon)
  • Oh xine267

    I forgot if you want to check out what Rio marathon is like without rose tinted nostalgia of a runner six months later here is my audio diary I did fiver items after crossing the finish line
  • Hi Marcus, thanks so much for all the info on Rio - it sounds amazing! Samba bands on course image I will check out your audio diary when I get home tonight.

    A group Reggae marathon would be awesome - I think I would stick to the half marathon distance though.

    I've done a few races in France (most recently the Paris-Versailles 16km) and have always found the crowds really supportive and the race organisation very slick, so I think that the Paris marathon would be similar to London in terms of crowd support.

    Best of luck with the rest of the vote image 

  • morning

    what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forumsimage

  • Hi seren nos

    What I hope to gain from the forums: Not to feel like such a mad man (or at least to find other people as equally mad as me). Sometimes talking to non-runners can make you seem a little crazy and obsessive, things like the forums restore your sanity and make you feel almost normal.

    What I hope to give the forums: If I get through to the final 5 I will be receiving loads of training advice and tips. I hope to share all of this on the forums and on my audio diary and loads of pictures of my experiences on 


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Marcus - how are you feeling? Not long to go now.

    Pop onto the 26.2 thread and say hello.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi Marcus, we didn't meet for long at bootcamp, but best of luck. Whoever gets picked from our group I'm sure will be great!

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